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World Bulk Packaging

World Bulk Packaging - Freedonia Market Research
World Bulk Packaging
Published Jan 13, 2015
534 pages — Published Jan 13, 2015
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World demand for bulk packaging is projected to increase 5.0 percent annually to $59.2 billion in 2018. The Asia/Pacific region will surpass North America as the largest market, and along with the Africa/Mideast region, will be the fastest growing market. Flexible bulk packaging products will outpace rigid types.This study analyzes the $46 billion world bulk packaging industry. It presents historical demand data (2003, 2008 and 2013) and forecasts (2018 and 2023) by product (e.g., shipping sacks, film wrap, drums, pails), material (e.g., plastic, paper and paperboard, steel), market (e.g., nondurable goods, durable goods), world region, and for 18 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 42 industry players, including Greif, MAUSER, and Signode Industrial Group.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    Macroeconomic Outlook164
  World Demographic Outlook201
    World Population Outlook212
    World Urban Population Outlook232
  World Per Capita Gross Domestic Product252
  World Personal Consumption Expenditure Trends274
  World Manufacturing Outlook313
  World Chemical Manufacturing Outlook343
  World Food &Beverage Manufacturing Outlook373
  World Packaging Outlook404
  World Plastic Resin Outlook443
  World Paper &Paperboard Outlook473
  Pricing Trends503
  Environmental &Regulatory Overview535
  Regional Overview595
  Product Overview645
    Flexible Bulk Packaging6914
    Rigid Bulk Packaging8315
  Material Overview985
    Paper &Paperboard1042
    Other Materials1081
  Market Overview1095
    Nondurable Goods11411
    Durable Goods1254
    Other Markets1293
  World Trade Overview1323
  North America: General1362
  North America: Bulk Packaging Types1385
  North America: Bulk Packaging Markets1431
  United States1441
    United States: General1452
    United States: Bulk Packaging Types1472
    United States: Bulk Packaging Markets1492
    United States: Suppliers1512
    Canada: General1542
    Canada: Bulk Packaging Types1562
    Canada: Bulk Packaging Markets1581
    Canada: Suppliers1592
    Mexico: General1622
    Mexico: Bulk Packaging Types1642
    Mexico: Bulk Packaging Markets1662
    Mexico: Suppliers1681
  Western Europe: General1703
  Western Europe: Bulk Packaging Types1735
  Western Europe: Bulk Packaging Markets1782
    France: General1812
    France: Bulk Packaging Types1832
    France: Bulk Packaging Markets1852
    France: Suppliers1871
    Germany: General1892
    Germany: Bulk Packaging Types1912
    Germany: Bulk Packaging Markets1932
    Germany: Suppliers1952
    Italy: General1982
    Italy: Bulk Packaging Types2002
    Italy: Bulk Packaging Markets2022
    Italy: Suppliers2041
    Netherlands: General2062
    Netherlands: Bulk Packaging Types2082
    Netherlands: Bulk Packaging Markets2101
    Netherlands: Suppliers2111
    Spain: General2132
    Spain: Bulk Packaging Types2152
    Spain: Bulk Packaging Markets2172
    Spain: Suppliers2191
  United Kingdom2201
    United Kingdom: General2212
    United Kingdom: Bulk Packaging Types2232
    United Kingdom: Bulk Packaging Markets2252
    United Kingdom: Suppliers2272
  Other Western Europe2291
    Other Western Europe: General2302
    Other Western Europe: Bulk Packaging Types2322
    Other Western Europe: Bulk Packaging Markets2342
    Other Western Europe: Suppliers2362
  Asia/Pacific: General2393
  Asia/Pacific: Bulk Packaging Types2425
  Asia/Pacific: Bulk Packaging Markets2472
    Australia: General2502
    Australia: Bulk Packaging Types2522
    Australia: Bulk Packaging Markets2542
    Australia: Suppliers2562
    China: General2593
    China: Bulk Packaging Types2622
    China: Bulk Packaging Markets2642
    China: Suppliers2662
    India: General2693
    India: Bulk Packaging Types2722
    India: Bulk Packaging Markets2742
    India: Suppliers2761
    Indonesia: General2782
    Indonesia: Bulk Packaging Types2802
    Indonesia: Bulk Packaging Markets2822
    Indonesia: Suppliers2841
    Japan: General2862
    Japan: Bulk Packaging Types2882
    Japan: Bulk Packaging Markets2902
    Japan: Suppliers2921
  South Korea2931
    South Korea: General2942
    South Korea: Bulk Packaging Types2962
    South Korea: Bulk Packaging Markets2982
    South Korea: Suppliers3001
    Taiwan: General3023
    Taiwan: Bulk Packaging Types3052
    Taiwan: Bulk Packaging Markets3072
    Taiwan: Suppliers3091
  Other Asia/Pacific3101
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3112
    Other Asia/Pacific: Bulk Packaging Types3132
    Other Asia/Pacific: Bulk Packaging Markets3152
    Other Asia/Pacific: Suppliers3172
  Central &South America3201
    Central &South America: General3213
    Central &South America: Bulk Packaging Types3242
    Central &South America: Bulk Packaging Markets3262
    Other Central &South America3356
  Eastern Europe3411
    Eastern Europe: General3422
    Eastern Europe: Bulk Packaging Types3442
    Eastern Europe: Bulk Packaging Markets3462
    Other Eastern Europe3567
    Africa/Mideast: General3643
    Africa/Mideast: Bulk Packaging Types3672
    Africa/Mideast: Bulk Packaging Markets3692
    Africa/Mideast: Suppliers3712
  Market Share3776
  Industry Restructuring3835
  Competitive Strategies3883
  Marketing &Distribution3934
  Cooperative Agreements3974
Company Profiles401134
  AEP Industries Incorporated4023
  Amcor Limited4052
  Armando Alvarez Group4074
  AUER Packaging GmbH4111
  Bemis Company Incorporated4123
  Berry Plastics Group Incorporated4153
  Brambles Limited4182
  BWAY Corporation4203
  Cesur Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret AS4232
  Coveris Holdings SA4252
  Goodpack Limited4272
  Graphic Packaging Holding Company4292
  Greif Incorporated4318
  Hood Companies4392
  International Paper Company4414
  Intertape Polymer Group Incorporated4453
  IPL Incorporated4482
  Klabin SA4502
  Koch Industries Incorporated4522
  Kohsei Company Limited4541
  Letica Corporation4551
  LINPAC Packaging Limited4563
  Menasha Corporation4654
  Mondi Group4694
  Nampak Limited4732
  Orora Limited4753
  Promens hf4782
  Qingdao LAF Packaging Company Limited4801
  Samuel, Son &Company Limited4812
  Schoeller Allibert Limited4853
  Scholle Corporation4882
  SCH TZ GmbH &Company KGaA4904
  Sealed Air Corporation4942
  Shanghai Kingtainer Packaging Container Company Limited4961
  Sigma Plastics Group4974
  Signode Industrial Group LLC5013
  Taihua Plastic Products Company Limited5041
  Taiyo Kogyo Corporation5052
  Tri-Wall Limited5073
  Walki Group Oy5103
  Additional Companies Mentioned in the Study51322

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