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World Batteries

World Batteries - Freedonia Market Research
World Batteries
Published Jul 20, 2015
630 pages — Published Jul 20, 2015
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Global battery demand is forecast to rise 7.7 percent per year to $120 billion in 2019. China will remain the largest national market as well as one of the fastest growing. Secondary batteries will outpace primary types. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries will be the fastest growing products.This study analyzes the $83 billion world battery industry. It presents historical supply and demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) by type (primary, secondary) and market (e.g., consumer, automotive, industrial) for six world regions and 16 countries, with supply and demand data for an additional 18 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, reviews battery technology, evaluates company market share and profiles 39 industry participants, including Johnson Controls, Panasonic, and Exide Technologies.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview162
    Recent Historical Trends182
    World Economic Outlook203
  World Personal Consumption Expenditures234
  World Demographic Outlook273
  World Manufacturing Outlook303
  World Motor Vehicle Outlook331
    Motor Vehicles In Use343
    Motor Vehicle Production Trends374
    Hybrid &Electric Vehicle Outlook414
  World Electrical &Electronics Sector Outlook453
  Pricing Patterns486
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations543
  Battery Construction &Operation604
  Conventional Battery Chemistries641
  Advanced Battery Chemistries711
    Nickel-Metal Hydride751
    Sodium-Metal Halide771
  Microgrids &Renewable Energy Storage802
  Fuel Cells &Other Alternative Power Sources821
    Fuel Cells832
    Other Alternative Power Sources852
  Regional Overview902
    Demand by Region926
    Per Capita Battery Demand &GDP Relationship983
    Production by Region1016
    International Trade1075
  Demand by Product1122
  Demand by Market1445
    Industrial &Other1553
  North America: Economic Overview1592
  North America: Battery Supply &Demand1616
    North America: Primary Battery Outlook1672
    North America: Secondary Battery Outlook1692
  United States1711
    United States: Economic Overview1722
    United States: Battery Supply &Demand1749
    Canada: Economic Overview1842
    Canada: Battery Supply &Demand1867
    Mexico: Economic Overview1942
    Mexico: Battery Supply &Demand1967
  Western Europe: Economic Overview2042
  Western Europe: Battery Supply &Demand2066
    Western Europe: Primary Battery Outlook2122
    Western Europe: Secondary Battery Outlook2142
    Germany: Economic Overview2172
    Germany: Battery Supply &Demand2197
    France: Economic Overview2272
    France: Battery Supply &Demand2296
  United Kingdom2351
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview2362
    United Kingdom: Battery Supply &Demand2386
    Italy: Economic Overview2453
    Italy: Battery Supply &Demand2486
    Spain: Economic Overview2552
    Spain: Battery Supply &Demand2576
  Other Western Europe2631
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2642
    Other Western Europe: Battery Supply &Demand2666
    Other Western Europe: Battery Supply &Demand by Country2726
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2792
  Asia/Pacific: Battery Supply &Demand2816
    Asia/Pacific: Primary Battery Outlook2872
    Asia/Pacific: Secondary Battery Outlook2892
    China: Economic Overview2922
    China: Battery Supply &Demand2948
    Japan: Economic Overview3032
    Japan: Battery Supply &Demand3057
  South Korea3121
    South Korea: Economic Overview3132
    South Korea: Battery Supply &Demand3156
    India: Economic Overview3222
    India: Battery Supply &Demand3247
    Indonesia: Economic Overview3322
    Indonesia: Battery Supply &Demand3346
    Taiwan: Economic Overview3412
    Taiwan: Battery Supply &Demand3436
  Other Asia/Pacific3491
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview3502
    Other Asia/Pacific: Battery Supply &Demand3526
    Other Asia/Pacific: Battery Supply &Demand by Country3586
  Central &South America3651
    Central &South America: Economic Overview3662
    Central &South America: Battery Supply &Demand3686
    Other Central &South America38110
  Eastern Europe3911
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview3922
    Eastern Europe: Battery Supply &Demand3946
    Other Eastern Europe40711
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview4192
    Africa/Mideast: Battery Supply &Demand4216
    Africa/Mideast: Supply &Demand by Country4275
  Industry Composition4352
  Market Share4374
    Primary Batteries4414
    Lead-Acid Secondary Batteries4454
    Non-Lead-Acid Secondary Batteries4494
  Research &Product Development4533
  Marketing &Distribution4583
  Cooperative Agreements4611
    Product Development &Manufacturing4627
    Supply, Distribution, &Licensing4696
  Financial Requirements4751
  Acquisitions &Divestitures4763
Company Profiles479152
  Banner GmbH4802
  BASF SE4822
  BYD Company Limited4842
  C&D Technologies Incorporated4862
  Coslight Technology International Group Limited4884
  East Penn Manufacturing Company Incorporated4924
  Energizer Holdings Incorporated4964
  Eveready Industries India Limited5062
  Exide Industries Limited5083
  Exide Technologies5116
  Fengfan Company Limited5171
  FIAMM SpA5182
  GP Batteries International Limited5204
  Greatbatch Incorporated5243
  Grupo Cegasa5272
  GS Yuasa Corporation5299
  Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Company Limited5382
  Henan Huanyu Group Company Limited5402
  Hitachi Limited5425
  Johnson Controls Incorporated5476
  LG Chem Limited5534
  Mutlu Ak ve Malzemeleri Sanayii AS5572
  NEC Corporation5593
  OM Group Incorporated5624
  Panasonic Corporation5666
  Philippine Batteries Incorporated5722
  Procter &Gamble Company5743
  Saft Groupe SA5776
  Samsung SDI Company Limited5834
  Shenzhen BAK Battery Company Limited5872
  Shoto Group Company Limited5892
  Simplo Technology Company Limited5911
  SK Innovation Company Limited5922
  Sony Corporation5943
  Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated5973
  TCL Corporation6001
  Toshiba Corporation6013
  Wanxiang Group Corporation6044
  Other Companies Mentioned in the Study60823

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