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World Adhesives & Sealants

World Adhesives & Sealants - Freedonia Market Research
World Adhesives & Sealants
Published Jan 25, 2016
502 pages — Published Jan 25, 2016
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Global demand for adhesives and sealants is forecast to rise 4.5 percent per year through 2019 to 20.2 million metric tons, valued at $64 billion. Packaging will remain the leading outlet, while construction will capture increased share. Reactive adhesives and sealants will be the fastest growing products.This study analyzes the 16.1 million metric ton world adhesives and sealants industry. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) by product (e.g., water-based, reactive, hot melts, solvent-based, natural) and market (e.g., packaging, construction, tapes and labels, transportation equipment, consumer goods, textiles) for six world regions and 18 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 39 industry players, including Henkel, HB Fuller, and Bostik.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Global Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    World Economic Outlook173
  World Population Outlook203
  World Consumer Spending Outlook234
  World Manufacturing Overview273
  World Construction Outlook303
  World Packaging Outlook334
  World Motor Vehicles Outlook374
  Adhesives &Sealants Technology411
    Raw Materials &Formulation422
    Product Selection &Application442
  Competitive Materials &Technologies463
  Adhesives &Sealants Pricing493
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations522
  Regional Overview571
    Production &Trade642
  Demand by Product668
    Hot Melts803
  Demand by Market904
    Tapes &Labels1003
    Transportation Equipment1033
    Consumer Goods1063
    Other Markets1114
  North America: Economic Overview1162
  North America: Products &Suppliers1185
  North America: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1232
  United States1251
    United States: Economic Overview1262
    United States: Products &Suppliers1283
    United States: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1313
    Canada: Economic Overview1352
    Canada: Products &Suppliers1373
    Canada: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1402
    Mexico: Economic Overview1432
    Mexico: Products &Suppliers1453
    Mexico: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1483
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1522
  Western Europe: Products &Suppliers1545
  Western Europe: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1592
    Germany: Economic Overview1622
    Germany: Products &Suppliers1643
    Germany: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1673
    Italy: Economic Overview1712
    Italy: Products &Suppliers1733
    Italy: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1762
    France: Economic Overview1792
    France: Products &Suppliers1812
    France: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1832
  United Kingdom1851
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview1862
    United Kingdom: Products &Suppliers1882
    United Kingdom: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1902
    Spain: Economic Overview1932
    Spain: Products &Suppliers1953
    Spain: Adhesive &Sealant Markets1982
  Other Western Europe2001
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2012
    Other Western Europe: Products &Suppliers2032
    Other Western Europe: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2052
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2082
  Asia/Pacific: Products &Suppliers2106
  Asia/Pacific: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2162
    China: Economic Overview2192
    China: Products &Suppliers2213
    China: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2243
    Japan: Economic Overview2282
    Japan: Products &Suppliers2303
    Japan: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2333
    India: Economic Overview2372
    India: Products &Suppliers2393
    India: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2423
  South Korea2451
    South Korea: Economic Overview2462
    South Korea: Products &Suppliers2483
    South Korea: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2512
    Indonesia: Economic Overview2542
    Indonesia: Products &Suppliers2562
    Indonesia: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2582
    Taiwan: Economic Overview2612
    Taiwan: Products &Suppliers2632
    Taiwan: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2652
    Thailand: Economic Overview2682
    Thailand: Products &Suppliers2702
    Thailand: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2722
  Other Asia/Pacific2741
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2752
    Other Asia/Pacific: Products &Suppliers2772
    Other Asia/Pacific: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2792
  Central &South America2821
    Central &South America: Economic Overview2832
    Central &South America: Products &Suppliers2852
    Central &South America: Adhesive &Sealant Markets2872
    Other Central &South America2956
  Eastern Europe3011
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview3022
    Eastern Europe: Products &Suppliers3042
    Eastern Europe: Adhesive &Sealant Markets3062
    Other Eastern Europe3146
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview3212
    Africa/Mideast: Products &Suppliers3232
    Africa/Mideast: Adhesive &Sealant Markets3252
    Other Africa/Mideast3336
  Market Share3437
  Marketing &Distribution3522
  Competitive Strategies3542
  Research &Development3562
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3585
  Cooperative Agreements3632
Company Profiles365138
  ALTECO Incorporated3661
  Arkema SA3676
  Ashland Incorporated3732
  Avery Dennison Corporation3754
  BASF SE3794
  Beardow &Adams Adhesives Limited3832
  Beijing Comens New Materials Company Limited3851
  Bolton Group3862
  Cyberbond LLC3881
  Dae Yang Industrial Company3891
  DELO Industrial Adhesives3902
  Dow Chemical Company3926
  Dow Corning Corporation3984
  Dynea AS4021
  Eastman Chemical Company4033
  Evonik Industries AG4064
  Franklin International Incorporated4102
  Fuller (HB) Company4126
  Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Company Limited4181
  Henkel AG &Company KGaA41910
  Huntsman Corporation4293
  Illinois Tool Works Incorporated4324
  Jowat AG4362
  Kater Adhesive Industrial Company Limited4382
  Konishi Company Limited4401
  LORD Corporation4414
  Mapei SpA4473
  Metlok Private Limited4501
  Momentive Performance Materials Incorporated4512
  Pidilite Industries Limited4532
  Royal Adhesives &Sealants LLC4556
  RPM International Incorporated4617
  Sika AG4686
  Soudal NV4743
  Super Glue Corporation4771
  ThreeBond Holdings Company Limited4783
  3M Company4814
  Wacker Chemie AG4854
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study48914

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