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WORLD FLUOROCHEMICALS - Freedonia Market Research
Published Oct 15, 2014
557 pages — Published Oct 15, 2014
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Global demand growth for fluorochemicals is forecast to accelerate, rising 3.8 percent per year to 3.8 million metric tons in 2018. China will continue to be the largest and one of the fastest growing markets, with only India experiencing more rapid growth. Fluoropolymers will be the fastest growing product segment.This study analyzes the 3.2 million metric ton world fluorochemical industry. It presents historical demand data for 2003, 2008 and 2013, and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by product (e.g., inorganics and specialties, fluorocarbons, fluoropolymers), market (e.g., refrigerants, aluminum production, blowing agents), world region, and for 15 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market shares and profiles 14 industry players, including DuPont, Daikin Industries and Solvay.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook164
  World Population Outlook202
  World Fixed Investment Outlook222
  World Manufacturing Outlook243
  World Motor Vehicle Overview271
    World Motor Vehicle Park282
    World Motor Vehicle Production303
  World Cooling &Refrigeration Outlook331
    Cooling Equipment342
    Commercial Refrigeration362
    Residential Refrigeration382
  World Foamed Plastic Insulation Outlook403
  World Primary Aluminum Outlook435
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations481
    Environmental Impact495
    Montreal Protocol543
    Kyoto Protocol572
  Product Overview607
    Inorganics &Specialties675
  Market Overview955
    Aluminum Production1113
    Blowing Agents1144
  Regional Overview1271
    Trade Flows1403
  North America: Economic Overview1442
  North America: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand1462
  North America: Fluorochemical Demand1485
  United States1531
    United States: Economic Overview1542
    United States: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand1562
    United States: Fluorochemical Products1587
    United States: Fluorochemical Markets1653
    United States: Fluorochemical Suppliers1682
    Canada: Economic Overview1712
    Canada: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand1732
    Canada: Fluorochemical Products1755
    Canada: Fluorochemical Markets1802
    Canada: Fluorochemical Suppliers1821
    Mexico: Economic Overview1842
    Mexico: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand1862
    Mexico: Fluorochemical Products1885
    Mexico: Fluorochemical Markets1932
    Mexico: Fluorochemical Suppliers1951
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1972
  Western Europe: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand1992
  Western Europe: Fluorochemical Demand2015
    Germany: Economic Overview2072
    Germany: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2092
    Germany: Fluorochemical Products2115
    Germany: Fluorochemical Markets2163
    Germany: Fluorochemical Suppliers2191
    Italy: Economic Overview2212
    Italy: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2232
    Italy: Fluorochemical Products2255
    Italy: Fluorochemical Markets2302
    Italy: Fluorochemical Suppliers2321
    France: Economic Overview2341
    France: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2352
    France: Fluorochemical Products2375
    France: Fluorochemical Markets2422
    France: Fluorochemical Suppliers2441
    Spain: Economic Overview2462
    Spain: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2482
    Spain: Fluorochemical Products2505
    Spain: Fluorochemical Markets2552
    Spain: Fluorochemical Suppliers2571
  United Kingdom2581
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview2592
    United Kingdom: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2612
    United Kingdom: Fluorochemical Products2635
    United Kingdom: Fluorochemical Markets2682
    United Kingdom: Fluorochemical Suppliers2701
  Other Western Europe2711
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2722
    Other Western Europe: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2742
    Other Western Europe: Fluorochemical Products2765
    Other Western Europe: Fluorochemical Markets2812
    Other Western Europe: Fluorochemical Suppliers2831
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2852
  Asia/Pacific: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2872
  Asia/Pacific: Fluorochemical Demand2895
    China: Economic Overview2952
    China: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand2973
    China: Fluorochemical Products3006
    China: Fluorochemical Markets3064
    China: Fluorochemical Suppliers3102
    Japan: Economic Overview3132
    Japan: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand3152
    Japan: Fluorochemical Products3176
    Japan: Fluorochemical Markets3233
    Japan: Fluorochemical Suppliers3262
    India: Economic Overview3292
    India: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand3312
    India: Fluorochemical Products3335
    India: Fluorochemical Markets3382
    India: Fluorochemical Suppliers3402
  South Korea3421
    South Korea: Economic Overview3432
    South Korea: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand3452
    South Korea: Fluorochemical Products3475
    South Korea: Fluorochemical Markets3523
    South Korea: Fluorochemical Suppliers3551
    Australia: Economic Overview3571
    Australia: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand3582
    Australia: Fluorochemical Products3605
    Australia: Fluorochemical Markets3652
    Australia: Fluorochemical Suppliers3671
  Other Asia/Pacific3681
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview3692
    Other Asia/Pacific: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand3712
    Other Asia/Pacific: Fluorochemical Products3735
    Other Asia/Pacific: Fluorochemical Markets3783
    Other Asia/Pacific: Fluorochemical Suppliers3811
  Central &South America3831
    Central &South America: Economic Overview3842
    Central &South America: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand3862
    Central &South America: Fluorochemical Demand3882
    Other Central &South America40010
  Eastern Europe4101
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview4112
    Eastern Europe: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand4132
    Eastern Europe: Fluorochemical Demand4152
    Other Eastern Europe4289
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview4382
    Africa/Mideast: Fluorochemical Supply &Demand4402
    Africa/Mideast: Fluorochemical Products4425
    Africa/Mideast: Fluorochemical Markets4473
    Africa/Mideast: Fluorochemical Suppliers4502
  Market Share4558
  Industry Restructuring4632
  Competitive Strategies4651
    Product Focus/Specialization4662
    Product Differentiation4682
    Research &Development4702
    Cooperative Agreements4722
  Marketing &Distribution4742
Company Profiles47682
  Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated4773
  Arkema SA4805
  Asahi Glass Company Limited4855
  Central Glass Company Limited4903
  Daikin Industries Limited4936
  Dongyue Group Limited4993
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours5027
  Honeywell International Incorporated5095
  Mexichem SAB de CV5143
  Mitsui Chemicals Incorporated5172
  Shanghai 3F New Materials Company Limited5192
  Solvay SA5218
  South African Nuclear Energy Corporation5292
  3M Company5316
  Other Companies in the World Fluorochemical Industry53721

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