Synthetic Lubricants & Functional Fluids to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research

Synthetic Lubricants & Functional Fluids to 2015

Synthetic Lubricants & Functional Fluids to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research
Synthetic Lubricants & Functional Fluids to 2015
Published Feb 22, 2012
336 pages — Published Feb 22, 2012
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Demand for synthetic lubricants and functional fluids is forecast to climb 8.6 percent per year to $7.4 billion in 2015. Engine oil will remain the fastest-growing product type. Group III base oils and polyalphaolefins (PAOs) will be the fastest growing materials. The vehicle and equipment market will remain by far the largest outlet.This study analyzes the $4.9 billion US synthetic lubricant and functional fluid industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2000, 2005 and 2010, and forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by product (e.g., heat transfer fluids, engine oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, dielectric fluids), material (e.g., glycols, PAOs, group III base oils) and market (e.g., vehicles and equipment, energy/power generation, metal fabrication, process industries).The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 26 industry competitors, including Exxon Mobil, BP and FRAM Group.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Macroeconomic Outlook114
  Demographic Outlook154
  Personal Consumption Expenditures193
  Manufacturing Outlook224
  Competitive Products262
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues283
    Recycling &Re-Refining314
    Engine Oil Specifications352
  Pricing Trends376
  Foreign Trade &International Activity433
  Heat Transfer Fluids534
    Low Temperature575
    High Temperature623
  Engine Oils655
    Gasoline Engine Oils704
    Diesel Engine Oils744
    Oils for Other Engines784
  Transmission &Hydraulic Fluids823
    Transmission Fluids854
    Hydraulic Fluids893
  Metalworking Fluids921
    Product Characteristics932
  Dielectric Fluids1044
    Compressor Lubricants1101
    Turbine Lubricants1112
    Gear Lubricants1134
    All Other1173
  Group III Base Oils1344
  Silicone Fluids1423
  Vehicles &Equipment1592
    Motor Vehicle &Industrial Equipment Outlook1614
    Synthetic Lubricant &Functional Fluid Demand16523
  Energy/Power Generation1881
    Energy/Power Generation Industry Outlook1894
    Synthetic Lubricant &Functional Fluid Demand1933
  Metal Fabrication1961
    Metal Fabrication Industry Outlook1972
    Synthetic Lubricant &Functional Fluid Demand1992
  Process Industries2011
    Process Manufacturing Industry Outlook2022
    Synthetic Lubricant &Functional Fluid Demand2044
  HVAC/Refrigeration Systems2081
    HVAC/Refrigeration Industry Outlook2092
    Synthetic Lubricant &Functional Fluid Demand2112
  Market Share2208
  Competitive Strategies2281
    Research &Development2292
    Chemical Management Services2311
  Merger &Acquisition Activity2322
    Synthetic Engine Oil2385
    Other Synthetic Fluids Marketing Strategies2451
Company Profiles24988
  AMSOIL Incorporated2503
  Ashland Incorporated2533
  BASF SE2564
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated2603
  BP plc2634
  Chemtura Corporation2673
  Chevron Corporation2704
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP2741
  CLC Lubricants Company2751
  Dow Chemical Company2803
  Dow Corning Corporation2832
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours2852
  Exxon Mobil Corporation2875
  FRAM Group LLC2922
  FUCHS Petrolub AG2943
  Honeywell International Incorporated2971
  Houghton International Incorporated2982
  Milacron LLC3003
  Old World Industries LLC3033
  Petroleos de Venezuela SA3064
  Quaker Chemical Corporation3103
  Royal Dutch Shell plc3134
  Royal Purple Incorporated3173
  Total SA3205
  Warren Oil Company Incorporated3252
  Additional Companies Active in the Industry32710

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