Rubber Products in China - Freedonia Market Research

Rubber Products in China

Rubber Products in China - Freedonia Market Research
Rubber Products in China
Published Jul 31, 2014
288 pages — Published Jul 31, 2014
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Demand for rubber products in China will grow 8.8 percent per year to 740 billion yuan in 2017. Gains will be supported by healthy growth in manufacturing, especially in industrial machinery and motor vehicles. Tires will remain the largest product segment as income levels continue to rise and create greater demand for higher-priced tires.This study analyzes the 485 billion yuan rubber products industry in China. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product (e.g., tires, industrial rubber products), market (e.g., industrial machinery, motor vehicles, aerospace equipment) and region (e.g., Central-North, Northeast, Central-East).The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 37 industry suppliers, including Cheng Shin Rubber Industries, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber and Giti Tire.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Economic Overview121
    Recent Economic Performance132
    Economic Outlook153
  Demographic Overview186
  Currency Exchange Rates246
  Manufacturing Value Added303
  Gross Fixed Capital Formation333
  Policies &Regulations363
  Technological Development393
  Foreign Trade422
    Industrial Rubber Products462
    Other Rubber Products481
  World Outlook493
  The Twelfth Five-Year Plan523
  Foreign Trade592
  Pricing Patterns612
  Natural Rubber Supply &Demand633
  Synthetic Rubber Supply &Demand663
  Synthetic Rubber Production Capacity693
  Supply &Demand736
    Motor Vehicle Tires815
    Industrial Vehicle Tires862
    Motorcycle Tires881
    Bicycle Tires891
    Other Tires901
  Industrial Rubber Products913
    Mechanical Rubber Goods945
    Rubber Belts993
    Rubber Hose1022
    Other Industrial Rubber Products1042
  Other Rubber Products1062
  Industrial Machinery1141
    Industry Outlook1152
    Rubber Product Market1175
  Motor Vehicles1221
    Industry Outlook1232
    Rubber Product Market1256
  Aerospace &Other Transportation Equipment1311
    Industry Outlook1323
    Rubber Product Market1352
  Other Markets1372
  Regional Demographic &Economic Trends1431
    Population Patterns1442
    Economic Outlook1462
  Regional Motor Vehicle Outlook1483
  Regional Manufacturing Value Added Outlook1512
  Regional Construction Expenditures Outlook1532
  Regional Rubber Product Demand1555
  Industry Composition1942
  Market Share1966
  Product Development &Manufacturing2022
  Marketing &Distribution2042
  Financial Issues &Requirements2062
  Foreign Participation in the Chinese Market2082
Company Profiles21079
  Anhui Zhongding Holding Group Company Limited2112
  Bridgestone Corporation2134
  Cheng Shin Rubber Industries Company Limited2172
  Chengshan Group Company Limited2191
  China National Chemical Corporation2205
  Continental AG2256
  Cooper Tire &Rubber Company2312
  Double Coin Holdings Limited2332
  Double Star Group Company Limited2352
  Giti Tire Pte Limited2372
  Goodyear Tire &Rubber Company2392
  Guizhou Guihang Automotive Components Company Limited2412
  Guizhou Tyre Company Limited2431
  Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company Limited2442
  Hankook Tire Company Limited2462
  Jiangsu Feichi Tire Company Limited2481
  Kumho Tire Company Incorporated2492
  Michelin Group2513
  New Dongyue Group Company Limited2541
  Ningbo Tuopu Group Company Limited2552
  Pirelli &C. SpA2572
  Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Northwest Rubber Company Limited2592
  Shandong Aneng Conveyor Belt &Rubber Company Limited2612
  Shandong Linglong Rubber Company Limited2632
  Shandong Xiangtong Rubber Group Company Limited2651
  South China Tire &Rubber Company Limited2662
  Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited2683
  Tianjin Pengling Rubber Hose Company Limited2711
  Tianjin Wanda Tyre Group Company Limited2722
  Triangle Group Company Limited2742
  Wuxi Boton Belt Company Limited2761
  Xingyuan Group2771
  Xinxing Cathay International Group Company Limited2782
  Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Company Limited2801
  Zhejiang Sanlux Rubber Company Limited2811
  Zhejiang Sanwei Rubber Item Company Limited2822
  Zhong Nan Rubber Group Company Limited2842
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study2863

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