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Lubricants - Freedonia Market Research
Published Apr 25, 2016
455 pages — Published Apr 25, 2016
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This study analyzes the US lubricant industry. It presents historical demand data (2005, 2010 and 2015) and forecasts (2020 and 2025) by basestock (e.g., petroleum, synthetic, re-refined, bio-based), formulation, product (e.g., engine oils, process oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, general industrial oils, gear oils, greases) and market (e.g., light vehicles, commercial and industrial, transportation equipment, manufacturing). The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles industry competitors.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Macroeconomic Outlook114
  Manufacturing Outlook154
  Consumer Spending Outlook193
  Motor Vehicle Outlook224
  Crude Oil &Refined Petroleum Products Outlook262
  Lubricant Additives Overview282
  Historical Market Trends305
  Pricing Trends352
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues373
    Biobased Lubricants402
  Motor Vehicle Lubricant Classification &Testing452
  Foreign Trade473
  International Activity502
  Petroleum Base Oils584
    Petroleum Base Oil Supply &Demand626
    Refining Capacity685
  Nonconventional Basestocks732
    Synthetic Base Fluids751
    Re-Refined Base Oils762
    Biobased Oils782
  Lubricant Formulations865
  Engine Oils1024
    Motor Vehicle Engine Oil Demand1063
    Light Vehicle Engine Oil Viscosity Grades1096
    Other Engine Oils1153
  Transmission &Hydraulic Fluids1185
    Industrial Hydraulic Fluids1234
    Automatic Transmission Fluids1274
    Tractor Hydraulic &Transmission Fluids1313
    Other Transmission and Hydraulic Fluids1342
  Process Oils1366
    Rubber Oils1422
    White Oils1443
    Electrical Oils1474
    Other Process Oils1513
  Metalworking Fluids1544
    Product Characteristics1583
  General Industrial Oils1622
    Turbine Oils1643
    Other General Industrial Oils1673
  Gear Oils1702
    Vehicle &Equipment Gear Oils1722
    Industrial Gear Oils1743
    Industrial Greases1791
    Vehicle &Equipment Greases1802
  Light Vehicles1882
    Light Vehicle Industry Outlook1903
    Light Vehicle Lubricant Demand1935
    Light Vehicle Engine Oil Outlets1989
  Commercial &Industrial2075
    Electricity Generation2196
    Oil &Gas Production2303
    Other Commercial &Industrial Markets2333
  Nondurable Goods Manufacturing2365
    Plastics &Rubber2415
    Food &Beverages2467
    Cosmetics &Toiletries2535
    Paper &Textiles2645
    Other Nondurable Goods Manufacturing2692
  Transportation Equipment2715
    Heavy-Duty Trucks &Buses2766
    Marine Equipment2825
    Railroad Equipment2874
    Aerospace Equipment2914
    Other Transportation Equipment2952
  Durable Goods Manufacturing2975
    Transportation Equipment Manufacturing3076
    Other Durable Goods Manufacturing3172
  Industry Composition3213
  Market Share3248
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3324
  Competitive Strategies3361
    Low Cost Production3371
    Strategic Partnerships3384
    Industrial Lubricant Marketing Strategies3431
    Automotive Lubricant Marketing Strategies3444
  Refining &Blending3512
Company Profiles353103
  Albemarle Corporation3542
  AMSOIL Incorporated3563
  Ashland Incorporated3594
  BP plc3636
  Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP3696
  Chemours Company3751
  Chemtura Corporation3763
  Chevron Corporation3794
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC3832
  Clean Harbors Incorporated3853
  Croda International plc3883
  Dow Chemical Company3913
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours3941
  Eastman Chemical Company3954
  Ergon Incorporated3991
  Exxon Mobil Corporation4004
  FUCHS Petrolub AG4043
  Henkel AG &Company KGaA4072
  Heritage-Crystal Clean Incorporated4091
  HollyFrontier Corporation4101
  Houghton International Incorporated4113
  Illinois Tool Works Incorporated4143
  LyondellBasell Industries NV4171
  Martin Midstream Partners LP4183
  Martin Resource Management Corporation4212
  Milacron Holdings Corporation4232
  PBF Energy Incorporated4251
  Petr leos de Venezuela SA4262
  Phillips 664285
  Quaker Chemical Corporation4333
  Renewable Lubricants Incorporated4362
  Royal Dutch Shell plc4383
  San Joaquin Refining Company Incorporated4411
  Sonneborn LLC4422
  Suncor Energy Incorporated4443
  Total SA4472
  Valero Energy Corporation4491
  Vertex Energy Incorporated4502
  Warren Oil Company Incorporated4522
  Additional Companies Mentioned in Study4542

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Freedonia Market Research—Reports provide industry insights targeting market size, product and market segmentation, product and market forecasts, industry composition, market leaders and business trends.

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