Cosmetic & Toiletry Chemicals to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research

Cosmetic & Toiletry Chemicals to 2016

Cosmetic & Toiletry Chemicals to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research
Cosmetic & Toiletry Chemicals to 2016
Published Apr 30, 2012
437 pages — Published Apr 30, 2012
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US demand for cosmetic and toiletry chemicals will rise 4.9 percent yearly to $9.4 billion in 2016. Botanical extracts will lead gains based on their favorable natural profile, which many consumers perceive as being more healthful and beneficial than synthetic chemicals. Emollients and moisturizers will be the fastest growing chemicals by function.This study analyzes the $7.4 billion US cosmetic and toiletry chemical industry. It presents historical demand data ( 2001, 2006, 2011) and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., surfactants, aroma chemicals and blends, oleochemicals, botanical extracts, polymers, fats, oils and waxes), function (e.g., specialty additives, emollients and moisturizers, cleansing agents and foamers, fragrances and flavors, processing aids) and market (e.g., skin care products, hair care products, personal soaps and body washes, perfumes, oral hygiene products).The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 33 industry players, including BASF, Dow Chemical and Procter & Gamble.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Demographic Trends124
  Macroeconomic Outlook164
  Consumer Spending Patterns203
  Retail Sales233
  Manufacturing Outlook264
  Cosmetic &Toiletry Industry Overview303
    Anti-Aging Products333
    Organic &Natural Products393
    Other Cosmetics &Toiletries423
  Technology Trends451
    Nanotechnology &Nanomaterials463
    Other Technology492
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues515
  Pricing &Product Mix562
  Historical Market Trends584
  International Activity &Foreign Trade623
    Anionic Surfactants762
    Cationic Surfactants782
    Nonionic Surfactants802
    Amphoteric Surfactants822
  Aroma Chemicals &Blends842
    Aroma Chemicals882
    Fatty Acids954
  Botanical Extracts1046
    Essential Oils1104
    Aloe Vera1142
    Plant Acids &Enzymes1165
    Other Botanical Extracts1212
    Polyethylene Glycol1302
    Other Polymers1323
  Fats, Oils, &Waxes1352
    Plant- &Animal-Based1434
  Other Cosmetic &Toiletry Chemicals1472
    Inorganic Chemicals1544
    All Other Cosmetic &Toiletry Chemicals1644
  Specialty Additives1745
    Active Ingredients17913
    Conditioning Agents1922
    Other Specialty Additives2003
  Emollients &Moisturizers2033
  Cleansing Agents &Foamers2063
  Fragrances &Flavors2095
  Processing Aids2142
    Emulsifiers &Solubilizers2163
    Solvents &Vehicles2193
    Viscosity Control Agents2222
    Other Processing Aids2262
  Skin Care Products2351
    Skin Care Product Overview2363
    Cosmetic &Toiletry Chemical Demand2394
  Hair Care Products2431
    Hair Care Product Overview2443
    Cosmetic &Toiletry Chemical Demand2474
  Personal Soaps &Body Washes2511
    Personal Soaps &Body Washes Product Overview2523
    Cosmetic &Toiletry Chemical Demand2552
    Perfume Product Overview2583
    Cosmetic &Toiletry Chemical Demand2612
  Oral Hygiene Products2631
    Oral Hygiene Product Overview2643
    Cosmetic &Toiletry Chemical Demand2678
    Cosmetic Product Overview2763
    Cosmetic Chemical Demand2793
  Other Markets2821
    Other Toiletry Product Overview2832
    Other Toiletry Chemical Demand2853
  Market Share2926
  Industry Restructuring2984
  Competitive Strategies3021
    Product Differentiation3032
    Market Segmentation3051
    Cooperative Agreements3064
Company Profiles313125
  Akzo Nobel NV3143
  Ashland Incorporated3174
  BASF SE3216
  Bayer AG3272
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated3295
  Clariant International Limited3344
  Croda International plc3386
  Dow Chemical Company3445
  Dow Corning Corporation3493
  Eastman Chemical Company3522
  Emery Oleochemicals Group3542
  Evonik Industries AG3564
  Firmenich SA3602
  FMC Corporation3623
  Givaudan SA3653
  Huber (JM) Corporation3682
  International Flavors &Fragrances Incorporated3702
  Lonza Group Limited3745
  Merck KGaA3792
  Novozymes A/S3812
  Pilot Chemical Company3832
  Procter &Gamble Company3852
  Royal DSM NV3873
  Royal Dutch Shell plc3902
  Solvay SA3924
  Sonneborn LLC3962
  Stepan Company3982
  Sumitomo Corporation4004
  Symrise AG4044
  Terry Laboratories Incorporated4082
  United-Guardian Incorporated4102
  Vantage Specialty Chemicals4124
  Additional Companies Mentioned in the Study41622

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