Converted Flexible Packaging to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research

Converted Flexible Packaging to 2015

Converted Flexible Packaging to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research
Converted Flexible Packaging to 2015
Published Oct 01, 2011
498 pages — Published Oct 01, 2011
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Demand for converted flexible packaging will rise 3.8 percent annually through 2015. Pouches will lead gains based on continued conversions to stand-up pouches and healthy gains for flat pouches, along with lighter weight and reduced material use. Bags will remain the largest segment. Food markets will outpace nonfood uses.This study analyzes the $15.1 billion US converted flexible packaging industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2000, 2005 and 2010, and forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by material (e.g., plastic film, paper, aluminum foil), product (e.g., bags, pouches) and packaging market (e.g., meat products, baked goods, snack food, grain mill products, produce, pharmaceuticals, medical products, paper and textile products, agricultural and horticultural products).The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 35 industry players, including Bemis, Printpack and Sealed Air.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Macroeconomic Outlook114
  Demographic &Household Trends154
  Consumer Income &Spending193
  Food &Beverage Industry Overview223
    Consumer Preferences252
    Distribution Trends272
  Retail Sales Outlook293
  Packaging Trends323
  Competitive Packaging Materials383
  Pricing Trends415
  Technological Developments465
  Environmental &Regulatory Factors513
  International Outlook543
  Plastic Film635
    Polyethylene Film6818
    Polypropylene Film8613
    Polyester Film997
    Polyvinyl Chloride Film1065
    Nylon Film1114
    Polystyrene Film1152
    Polyvinylidene Chloride Film1173
    Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Film1203
    Degradable Films1235
    Other Films1282
    Kraft &Sulfite1329
    Glassine &Greaseproof1416
    Oiled &Waxed1472
  Aluminum Foil1493
    Food Packaging1521
    Nonfood Packaging1532
  Meat &Related Products1821
    Meat &Related Products Outlook1832
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand1855
  Baked Goods1951
    Baked Goods Outlook1962
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand1983
  Snack Food2051
    Snack Food Outlook2062
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2083
  Grain Mill Products2151
    Grain Mill Product Outlook2162
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2184
    Fresh Fruit &Vegetable Outlook2262
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2284
  Candy &Confections2361
    Candy &Confections Outlook2372
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2394
  Frozen Food2471
    Frozen Food Outlook2482
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2503
  Dairy Products2561
    Dairy Products Outlook2573
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2605
    Beverage Products Outlook2693
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2725
  Other Foods2791
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2804
    Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook2933
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand2964
  Medical Products3031
    Medical Products Outlook3043
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand3075
  Paper &Textile Products3151
    Paper &Textile Products Outlook3163
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand3194
  Agricultural &Horticultural Products3261
    Agricultural &Horticultural Industry Outlook3274
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand3314
    Chemical Products Outlook3383
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand3414
  Rack &Counter3471
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand3482
  Other Nonfood Markets3521
    Converted Flexible Packaging Demand3534
  Market Share36511
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3765
  Marketing Strategies3812
  Channels of Distribution3831
  Research &Development3844
  Competitive Strategies3882
  Cooperative Agreements3903
Company Profiles393106
  Amcor Limited3944
  American Packaging Corporation3983
  Ampac Packaging LLC4012
  Applied Extrusion Technologies Incorporated4032
  Bancroft Bag Incorporated4052
  Bemis Company Incorporated4075
  Berry Plastics Corporation4124
  Bryce Corporation4162
  Clear Lam Packaging Incorporated4182
  Clondalkin Group Holdings BV4203
  Coating Excellence International LLC4232
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours4253
  Exopack Holding Corporation4285
  Exxon Mobil Corporation4333
  Graphic Packaging Holding Company4363
  Honeywell International Incorporated4393
  Hood Companies4423
  Innovia Films Limited4454
  InterFlex Group Incorporated4492
  Kuraray Company Limited4512
  Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation4532
  Nordenia International AG4553
  Oracle Packaging Incorporated4582
  Packaging Dynamics Corporation4603
  Printpack Incorporated4632
  Prolamina Corporation4652
  Reynolds Group Holdings Limited4673
  Scholle Corporation4703
  Sealed Air Corporation4733
  Shields Bag and Printing Company4762
  Sigma Plastics Group4784
  Sonoco Products Company4822
  Toray Industries Incorporated4842
  Tredegar Corporation4862
  Wihuri Oy4882
  Additional Companies in Converted Flexible Packaging4909

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