Coated Fabrics to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research

Coated Fabrics to 2016

Coated Fabrics to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research
Coated Fabrics to 2016
Published Sep 28, 2012
394 pages — Published Sep 28, 2012
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US coated fabrics demand will rise 3.5 percent annually to 635 million square yards in 2016. Motor vehicles will remain the largest market, with good prospects for airbags. Renewed construction activity will benefit wallcoverings, furniture, and awnings and canopies. Polypropylene and polyethylene coated fabrics will be the fastest growing products.This study analyzes the 535 million square yard US coated fabric industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (polymer-coated fabrics, rubber-coated fabrics, fabric-backed wallcoverings), substrate (e.g., polyester, nylon, cotton, fiberglass, fabric blends) and market (e.g., motor vehicles, marine, protective clothing, industrial, furniture, books, tents, wallcoverings, awnings).The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 42 industry players, including OMNOVA Solutions, Saint-Gobain, and Takata.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Macroeconomic Environment114
  Manufacturing Outlook154
  Textiles Outlook192
  Consumer Spending Trends213
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations283
  Supply &Demand343
  Historical Market Trends375
  Pricing Patterns422
  International Environment442
    World Supply &Demand466
    US Foreign Trade523
  Coating Processes551
    Gap Coating561
    Reverse-Roll Coating571
    Rotary Screen Coating581
    Other Coating Processes592
  Competitive Products613
  Technological Developments661
  Raw Materials674
  Polymer-Coated Fabrics796
    Vinyl-Coated Fabrics855
    Polyethylene-Coated Fabrics903
    Polyurethane-Coated Fabrics933
    Polypropylene-Coated Fabrics963
    Polytetrafluoroethylene-Coated Fabrics994
    Acrylic-Coated Fabrics1034
    Other Polymer-Coated Fabrics1072
  Rubber-Coated Fabrics1092
    Polychloroprene-Coated Fabrics1111
    Silicone Rubber-Coated Fabrics1122
    Other Rubber-Coated Fabrics1142
  Fabric-Backed Wallcoverings1162
  Other Substrates1342
    Fabric Blends1381
    All Other Substrates1411
  Motor Vehicles1501
    Industry Outlook1513
    Coated Fabric Demand15420
  Marine &Other Non-Motor Vehicle Transportation1741
    Industry Outlook1753
    Coated Fabric Demand1788
  Protective Clothing1863
    Technological Developments1932
    Nonresidential Fixed Investment1963
    Coated Fabric Demand1994
    Industry Outlook2042
    Coated Fabric Demand2065
    Industry Outlook2122
    Coated Fabric Demand2144
  Commercial &Rental Tents2184
    Industry Outlook2232
    Coated Fabric Demand2255
  Awnings &Canopies2301
    Building Construction Outlook2313
    Coated Fabric Demand2346
  Other Markets2402
    Flags &Banners2431
    Printing Blankets2461
    Recreational Products2471
    All Other Markets2511
  Market Share25710
  Competitive Strategies2673
  Research &Development2701
  Cooperative Agreements2793
  Mergers &Acquisitions2822
Company Profiles284111
  Autoliv Incorporated2852
  Bayer AG2872
  Beckmann Converting Incorporated2892
  Berry Plastics Corporation2912
  Blue Mountain Wallcoverings Incorporated2931
  BondCote Corporation2943
  Bradford Industries Incorporated2972
  Canadian General-Tower Limited2993
  China General Plastics Corporation3021
  Cooley Group Holdings3033
  Dash Multi-Corporation Incorporated3062
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours3086
  Fiberweb plc3143
  Forbo Holding Limited3172
  Gamma Holding NV3193
  Glen Raven Incorporated3222
  Gore (WL) &Associates Incorporated3243
  Graniteville Specialty Fabrics Incorporated3272
  Haartz Corporation3293
  Hallwood Group Incorporated3323
  Herculite Products Incorporated3353
  Holliston LLC3384
  Hyosung Corporation3422
  International Textile Group Incorporated3443
  Johnston Textiles Incorporated3471
  Koch Industries Incorporated3482
  Kuraray Company Limited3502
  Morbern Incorporated3521
  Nassimi LLC3531
  OMNOVA Solutions Incorporated3544
  Polymer Group Incorporated3583
  Seaman Corporation3653
  Shawmut Corporation3683
  Spradling International Incorporated3712
  Takata Corporation3732
  Tonoga Incorporated3752
  Trelleborg AB3772
  Twitchell Corporation3792
  Uniroyal Engineered Products LLC3812
  Zodiac Aerospace SA3832
  Zodiac Marine &Pool3852
  Additional Companies in the Coated Fabric Industry3878

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