Zimbabwe Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Zimbabwe Tourism Report

Zimbabwe Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Zimbabwe Tourism Report
Published Oct 01, 2016
27 pages — Published Oct 01, 2016
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Zimbabwe s top -- markets by arrivals chart shows that the four main source countries are regional neighbours. South Africa is the biggest source market, expected to account for ---,--- arrivals in ----. ...South Africa is the biggest source market, expected to account for ---,--- arrivals in ----. This represents a decrease of --.- from the previous year, as the weakening rand, the difficulties faced by road travellers crossing the Beitbridge Border Post and the imposition of the VAT on accommodation in Zimbabwe have all factored in the decisions of South Africans not to travel to the country. At present, arrivals from South Africa are expected to decrease throughout the forecast period, falling to nearly ---,--- arrivals in ----. ...The average growth in Chinese inbound arrivals over the forecast period is an impressive --.- , leading China to become Zimbabwe s second largest source market with a figure of ---,--- inbound tourists in ----. Arrivals from all the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries in the top -- are expected to decrease due to the high costs of vacationing in Zimbabwe, while the overseas markets will see arrivals figures rise through the forecast period.

...Arrivals to Zimbabwe are still dominated by countries in Africa, even though the figures have decreased. More than ---,--- of the approximate -.-mn arrivals in ---- will be from the African continent, a decrease of -.- compared with the ---- level. ...Additionally, a fall in commodity prices (driven by a slow-down in emerging markets) is adversely affecting the economic conditions in the key source markets. Total inbound arrivals from Africa over the forecast period will thus decrease by -.- , driven by low growth within the continent and adverse policies in Zimbabwe affecting visitors decisions to travel to the country. Overall, arrivals from Africa are expected to account for ---,--- out of the approximate -.-mn total arrivals forecast for ----. Arrivals from all other markets are expected to see growth, with Europe in second place at just over ---,--- arrivals expected in ----, while Asia Pacific and Latin America contribute just over --,--- arrivals each. Throughout the forecast period, international arrivals figures are expected to increase, though the actual arrivals will remain far less than arrivals from Africa, mainly due to a lack of direct travel connections as well as negative safety perceptions.

...Zimbabwe s inbound tourism market, which is relatively small, has seen fluctuations in annual visitors over the last few years. Positively, the country is expanding its regional and international travel connections and gradually improving how it is perceived on the global stage. ...

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