Vietnam Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Vietnam Country Risk Report

Vietnam Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Vietnam Country Risk Report
Published May 26, 2015
51 pages — Published May 26, 2015
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...We therefore also expect little progress to be made in finding a solution to the maritime dispute under the leadership of current chair, Malaysia. ...Moreover, Vietnam has also reportedly conducted significant land reclamation activities at two disputed areas, namely Sand Cay and West London Reef in the Spratly region, which could further incur the wrath of the Chinese government. Vietnam Forging collaborations in the Face of rising threats From china In order to not fight a lone battle against China s aggressive behaviour in the South China Sea, Vietnam has sought to form a strategic partnership with the Philippines. At present, details of the impending partnership are being discussed between both countries leaders. ...political outlook an escalation of maritime tensions could Force a Downgrade

...Vietnam s biggest political question over the coming decade is whether one-party rule under the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) will face growing calls for democratisation, as was the case in other major South East Asian countries. While our core scenario envisages the CPV transforming itself into a technocratic administration, it faces major economic challenges which if mismanaged could lead to widespread unrest. ...However, the Vietnamese government s loose fiscal and monetary policies have led to high levels of inflation and repeated devaluations of the dong in recent years, which have eroded the real value of wages and savings. Although inflation was brought down from a double-digit high of --.- in August ---- to a more benign rate of -.- by end-----, a failure by the Vietnamese govern- ment to contain inflation at a reasonable level and uphold the real value of the dong, while not currently our core view, could undermine consumer and investor confidence in the regime. Divisions Within The Communist Party: High inflation and devaluation have opened schisms within the CPV leadership between proponents of continued economic reform and a more conservative wing which believes that a deceleration or even re- versal of reform policies would benefit macroeconomic stability. ...Demands For Increased Religious Rights: One of the most concerted challenges against the CPV in recent years has come -- Business Monitor International Ltd

...Despite increasing political and international pressures, China will con- tinue to hold a firm stance on its nine-dash line claims to the South China Sea. Therefore, there remains no end in sight to the ongoing maritime dispute between Vietnam and China. ...strongest statement By asean Unlikely to Lead to a resolution In the latest development, ASEAN issued its strongest statement to date following its --th summit (April -----) in Malaysia. In the statement, ASEAN cited that ongoing reclamation works carried out by China have the potential to undermine peace, security and stability in the South China Sea , reflecting growing anxiety among leaders of the ---member bloc with regards to China s increasing assertiveness in the region. While ASEAN has adopted a tougher stance against China, we believe that the strong statement is also unlikely to yield any form of compro- - Business Monitor International Ltd ...

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