Venezuela Agribusiness Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Venezuela Agribusiness Report

Venezuela Agribusiness Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Venezuela Agribusiness Report
Published Sep 24, 2016
70 pages — Published Sep 24, 2016
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Coffee production growth to ----/--: --.- to ---,--- --kg bags. Venezuela s coffee sector suffers from many structural weaknesses and is on the decline. ...Poultry production growth to ----/--: --.- to ---,--- tonnes. The sector is held back by a lack of profitability due to high input costs, inflation and government price controls, along with increased competition from imports. The poultry industry will fare somewhat better than the beef sector, for which the outlook is especially bleak. ...---- real GDP growth: --.- (compared with --.- in ----; forecast to grow annually by --.- on average between ---- and ----). ---- consumer price index: --- y-o-y (up from --- in ----; forecast to grow annually by --- on average between ---- and ----).

...The operating environment for grains farming and manufacturing has deteriorated significantly over recent years, due to the poor macroeconomic climate and shortage of foreign currency, with farmers unable to invest in the fertilisers and machinery that would allow them to recover lost production. The grains downstream segment, including feed manufacturing and food production, are facing mounting challenges. ...Controlled prices for the grains do not reflect increased production costs and thus provide little incentives to farmers. Production of grains, as well as other crops, is severely hampered by deterioration in the supply of farm equipment, as well as low-quality transportation infrastructure, seed and soil conservation. Corn output will decrease by -.- to -.-mn tonnes, the lowest level since ----/--, and rice output by -.- to ---,--- tonnes in ----/--. Grains consumption is also feeling the pinch of economic woes and the decrease in foreign exchange, as Venezuela encounters problems with importing grains. We expect corn, wheat and rice consumption to decline in ---- and ----, following on from the trend recorded in ----.

...Venezuela s severe economic crisis shows no signs of ending over the coming quarters. Low oil prices and the fallout of years of macroeconomic mismanagement have brought the economy to a near standstill, as consumption, investment and exports have plummeted. ...

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