United States Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

United States Country Risk Report

United States Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
United States Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
59 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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Source: US House Of Representatives, BMI vetoes the bill, the legislature can override his or her veto with a two-thirds majority of all the voting members of Congress. Constitutionally, only a simple majority in each chamber of congress is needed to pass a bill. ...However, over the years redistricting practices have made most districts relatively uncompetitive across party lines, vastly increasing the partisanship of each district. This often leads to a heightened state of political polarisation in the lower house, with each rep- resentative frequently far more worried about being challenged on the grounds of partisan purity during a primary campaign than on a lack of legislative achievement or bipartisan compromise in the general election. Following the landslide ---- elections, Republicans hold --- seats in the House of Representatives, the most since the ------- congress, and maintain a comfortable margin against the --- needed for a simple majority. As a result, Democratic initiatives stand virtually no chance of gaining any traction in the chamber, and only the relatively few areas which have both President Obama s and Republican support will move forward for the remainder of the president s term in office. Long-term Political outlook Fiscal and inequality concerns to drive Political debate

...Meanwhile, Republicans have begun a concerted effort to broaden their appeal to demographic populations with whom they have struggled in the past, and may well succeed in eroding the Democratic advantage among key groups. ...The latter often relates to presidential use of execu- tive actions (unilateral changes in policy by the president which lawmakers believe amount to legislating). Nevertheless, broad political stability has not been in serious question in the US for more than a century, and the country boasts among the world s strongest legal systems, most developed regulatory institutions, and general continuity in government policymaking. Legislative Process: Laws originate in either the House of Representatives (the lower legislative chamber) or the Senate (the upper chamber), although budget bills must originate in the House. ...united states Q- ---- republican dominance in House Will Limit obama s options

...Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are the candidates most likely to break through to the upper tier. There is a substantial amount of diversity of opinion on the Republican side, particularly on issues of immigration, foreign policy, and education. ...Due to this rather unusual method of electing a president, the concerns of swing states , those with a large number of electoral votes which could vote for either a Democrat or Republican, are given much more weight than other issues. In recent years, swing states have become slightly more Democratic-leaning due to demographic change (as minority voters have historically sided with the Democrats), and as a result, the electoral college will likely put Republicans at a slight structural disadvantage in future presidential elections. However, we believe that this Electoral College effect, sometimes called the blue wall in the US media (a reference to the Democratic Party s unofficial colour), has been overstated, and pales in comparison to broad appeal of the candidates themselves. ...

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