United States Agribusiness Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

United States Agribusiness Report

United States Agribusiness Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
United States Agribusiness Report
Published Jul 02, 2016
78 pages — Published Jul 02, 2016
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which will come into force in late ----, will have significant implications for the agricultural sectors of the -- signatories, as the deal will liberalise trade for a large number of bulk and value-added commodities. US, Canadian and Australian producers will be the main winners of the deal, along with Vietnamese and Chilean exporters, as they gain market share at the expense of non-TPP members. EU, Indonesian and Japanese farmers will be the main losers. Food package labelling will be a key issue in the US agribusiness sector over the coming quarters, particularly in the context of the World Health Organization s declaration that several red meat products are to some extent carcinogenic. More narrowly, we see downside risks to red meat consumption in the US over the coming years, especially if state governments attempt to restrict red meat consumption through taxes or marketing campaigns. Growing US consumer awareness will help to drive domestic meat processers to continue examining and amending their production methods in the coming years.

...Beef production growth ----/-- to ----/--: -.- to --.-mn tonnes. Production will improve over our forecast period due to heavier animal weights and as the sector s rebuilding phase is largely complete. ...Corn production growth to ----/--: -.- to ---.-mn tonnes. Corn production growth will slow over the next five years as opportunities to increase yields (such as through the adoption of genetically modified seeds) are waning. Poultry production growth to ----/--: -.- to --.-mn tonnes. ...Soybean production growth will also slow prices due to reduced growth in plantings, while yields will suffer due to reduced input usage. ---- real GDP growth: -.- y-o-y, down from -.- in ----.

...Production Corn: -.- We see only minimal room for growth for corn, as the US is already the largest user of genetically modified seeds in the world and the area dedicated to corn will stagnate with low prices. Wheat: -.- Wheat production growth will suffer from low prices and a reduced planted area. ...

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