United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Report

United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Report
Published Jul 09, 2016
74 pages — Published Jul 09, 2016
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Driven by field expansion and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques, crude oil and condensates production is set to rise by -.- per annum during ---------, peaking at -.--mn bbl. The output is set for minor declines towards the end of our forecast period. ...� Following a significant capacity expansion at Ruwais facility, the UAE will substantially increase its refined products output over the next few years. While there is a number of projects aimed at further expansion the country s refining capacity, we remain cautious on their prospects due to financing constraints and increasingly saturated global products market. � Crude exports are expected to decline marginally over our forecast period, from an estimated -.-mn bbl in ---- to around -.-mn bbl in ----. ...Exports will peak at around ---,---b/d in ----, before declining back to --,---b/d in ----, pressured by surging domestic demand. � According to Bloomberg reports in May ----, EmiratesLNG has indefinitely delayed the construction of an onshore LNG import terminal at Fujairah port, Abu Dhabi.

...The majority of acreage, both onshore and offshore, is relatively well explored and recent drilling has yielded few significant discoveries. Instead, the continued increase in proved reserves has been largely driven by appraisal activities at existing fields and the deployment of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. We expect this trend to remain firmly in play over the course of our forecast period. Key appraisal projects currently ongoing include Seabed Solutions surveying of the Hail-Shuweihat and Ghasha-Butini fields and -D seismic surveying and appraisal drilling by Occidental Petroleum at Dalma. In terms of oil, most of the UAE s reserves are medium-light to light, with an API gravity in the range of -----. The country s two main export grades are Murban and Dubai (Fateh), which are light and medium, respectively, and both relatively sour. The UAE s non-associated gas reserves also contain a high proportion of sulphur and the sourness of the gas has posed significant challenges to development.

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