United Arab Emirates Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

United Arab Emirates Freight Transport and Shipping Report

United Arab Emirates Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
United Arab Emirates Freight Transport and Shipping Report
Published Jul 23, 2016
45 pages — Published Jul 23, 2016
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Trade between Vietnam and the UAE has increased significantly over the past years and the UAE Foreign Minister s visit to Vietnam in June aimed to further improve bilateral relations and promote higher levels of trade. The majority of trade value between the two countries is generated from Vietnamese exports with agricultural products making up a noticeable percentage of this. Improved relations and closer collaboration between markets, increases total trade volumes. Statistics recently published confirm that trade between Poland and the UAE have almost tripled over the past five years with exports to the European country dominated by aluminium, metal packaging and plastic products while imports are mainly telecommunication appliances, chocolate and food. The two countries are working closely to further improve trade relations and investment. ...Real growth over the medium term (---------) will average -.- for imports and -.- for exports, while total trade growth will average -.- .

...The UAE s economy is expected to grow by -.- in ---- and real GDP rates to average -.- in the --------- period. These rates are moderately lower than those recorded in the previous five years partly attributed to lower oil prices since late ----. ...Also important for trade volumes, is that UAE s main export destinations are anticipated to achieve real growth in imports and GDP this year. In ----, we forecast exports to be supported by import growth from trade partners, Japan (-.- ), Iran (-.- ), India (-.- ), South Korea (-.- ) and China (-.- ). With an average GDP growth rate of -.- between these countries in ---- we expect faster growth in imports in the next years. In terms of value, fuels is the top exporting item from the UAE while spending on manufactured goods is the highest on imports. In ----, we anticipate manufactured goods imports to increase by -.- , with ores & metals also

...In the long term a main factor influencing trade will be whether the focus on the industrial sector accommodated by Khalifa Port will continue its growing trajectory, shifting the type of goods traded and consequently freight modes used. The importance of this will be amplified if oil prices remain at low levels and UAE s economy faces the need to diversify from oil exports to sustain domestic demand and growth. ...

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