Ukraine Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Ukraine Real Estate Report 2016

Ukraine Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Ukraine Real Estate Report 2016
Published Sep 10, 2016
49 pages — Published Sep 10, 2016
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BMI View: A return to GDP growth signals that the economy has crawled out of recession, and with greater public acceptance in the newly established Groysman government, we believe there is potential for increased investment into the economy over the next few years. However, continued armed conflict along the eastern border, low GDP per capita and high unemployment serve as warnings to potential investors in the commercial real estate sector. ...The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) noted that there is also renewed confidence in the banking sector, with an improving lending rate, more deposits and greater margins of foreign currency entering the country. Overall, this indicates that the commercial real estate sector looks set to bounce back from a turbulent few years, but greater confidence is needed in the general market before investment levels return to pre-crisis levels, and we believe rental rates will stagnate across the board for the rest of ---- and into ----. The capital, Kiev, is the economic centre of the country, and has the largest population. ...Kiev remains the city with the greatest potential in an unpredictable environment, and rents there have remained more or less stable. However, in the other two cities that we cover rents have fallen as a result of minimal demand and high vacancy rates.

...The retail sector is under pressure from a drop in consumer demand, low spending and low wage growth. The retail real estate sub-sector is seeing low demand, and rents have been falling in each of the cities that we cover on the back of an oversupplied market. ...We see a trend of low demand and oversupply remaining until ----. In terms of investment potential, the greatest opportunities will be in the office sector, with growing employment and steadily rising confidence increasing the likelihood of rising investment flows. Kiev will remain the key destination for demand in each of the sub-sectors that we cover, although the risks to investment here are still high. ...We see the construction industry picking up slightly over the next few years, although this may not be enough to offset the damage done in recent times. The outlook for the commercial real estate sector will gradually brighten as the business environment recovers, although in the short term operational risks will likely deter investment.

...It remains to be seen whether Kiev will be able to push through all of the necessary, yet likely highly unpopular, structural economic reforms needed to make the economy competitive over the long run. Popular unrest because of the government s slow implementation of reforms and fight against corruption in particular. ...

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