Ukraine Defence and Security Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Ukraine Defence and Security Report 2016

Ukraine Defence and Security Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Ukraine Defence and Security Report 2016
Published Jan 09, 2016
36 pages — Published Jan 09, 2016
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< ALACRA META ABSTRACT>BMI View: The Ukraine-Russia conflict has become somewhat frozen with skirmishes between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists flaring up every so often despite the ceasefire. Although Russia s attention has turned inwards and to de-escalation, we do not expect Ukraine to become complacent with its defence. ...BMI highlights this as the most hindering element of Ukraine s operational environment, not just in the defence sector but across all industries. Systemic corruption has largely gone unchallenged as deep-rooted corruption has been found to prevail all the way to the top officials of the prosecutor s office, negating any possible chance of other corrupt officials being sentenced or brought in front of a judicial court for prosecution. Indeed, Poroshenko has announced continued reforms to the political landscape as well as the economy and defence industry, but we are yet to see most of these play out. Nonetheless, modernisation programs and reforms to the newly forced National Guard will see some limited procurement opportunities arise over the near term. Furthermore, with the loss of Russia as a key partner in its defence trade and development, Ukraine has made considerable efforts in broadening its international

...In ---- we expect Ukrainian defence expenditure to see a marked increase to UAH--.-bn, a year-on-year (y-o-y) rise of --.- . We note that our forecast does not include the cost of war, and that the final figure is expected to come in above our stated estimation. ...Against this threat, Ukraine s government should be rushing to modernise and better equip its forces with technology and training that can rival those that Russia owns and allegedly provides the pro-Russian separatists with. Indeed, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers approved an increase to the country s defence budget for ----; with a planned defence budget of approximately USD-.---bn and set to reach - of GDP - more than double the NATO recommendation of - . We caution however that there are often revisions to Ukraine s defence budget and that this budget is unlikely to be fully awarded given that other areas of Ukraine s economy also need dire financing. ...Prevalent corruption within the country s defence prosecutor s office will also see large sums of the defence budget go missing into the personal pockets of high-ranking officials. Ukraine s assistant minister of defence, Yuri Biryukov, was quoted as saying that approximately -- to -- of the financing intended for defensive needs went into the pockets of certain

...The structure of the arms market in Ukraine is confused, and has been little reformed since the Soviet era. As part of the Soviet military-industrial complex, Ukraine does not have individual companies responsible for design and manufacture of specific products, akin to Boeing or Lockheed Martin in the US. ...

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