Uganda Defence and Security Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Uganda Defence and Security Report 2015

Uganda Defence and Security Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Uganda Defence and Security Report 2015
Published Aug 15, 2015
66 pages — Published Aug 15, 2015
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BMI View: In recent years, the size of the Uganda People s Defence Force (UPDF) and the country s arms procurement have grown significantly, manifesting itself in a record breaking budget for defence and security for ----/--. This primarily reflects the continued growing role of the army in Uganda s political landscape, the importance of its role in regional combat and peacekeeping missions, as well as the need to modernize and improve its military capabilities in general. ...The defence budget in Uganda has been on the rise, owing largely to the deteriorating security situation in the region, and with Ugandan troops deployed in many of the neighbouring conflict areas, Uganda has the potential to become even more directly involved. Terrorism is on the rise internationally, and more significantly regionally, with Somali militants from Al Shabaab continuing to carry out attacks outside its borders, urging Kampala to focus efforts on also improving its counter terrorism and intelligence capabilities. The main driver for procurement by the UPDF and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is the increasingly high profile role played by the Ugandan armed forces in United Nations peacekeeping operations in Africa, especially in South Sudan and Somalia. ...During the Cold War, the Soviet Union dominated the Ugandan defence market, supplying the Ugandan armed forces with the majority of its equipment, which consisted of Soviet-made or procured military hardware, and equipment surplus to the Soviet s requirements. This is opening up new opportunities for foreign companies.

...The Ugandan defence minister announced in July ---- that their troops will not withdraw their forces until an alternative regional force is deployed. The move has been seen to threaten the cease-fire deal in the country. ...Uganda has explained that its military ties to North Korea are transparent and benign, and centred on training for security forces and the provision of non-lethal equipment. It is uncertain whether the sanctions committee would consider any of this activity to be a violation of sanctions, as North Koreans were allegedly not training their Ugandan counterparts in the use of lethal arms. � Uganda is facing potential sanctions for its interaction with North Korea, as the latter is training its police force, and was previously an ally providing Uganda with funds, training and ammunition. ...These resources will be utilized to further professionalize the armed forces and other security organs. Specific emphasis was announced to be placed on the acquisition of modern weaponry, strengthening intelligence capability, training and welfare.

...A key driver behind Uganda s continued desire to maintain its arms capability is its continued military involvement in South Sudan. Uganda and South Sudan renewed their military agreement earlier this year extending the presence of Ugandan troops in the war-torn nation. ...

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