Togo Telecommunications Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Togo Telecommunications Report 2016

Togo Telecommunications Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Togo Telecommunications Report 2016
Published Sep 03, 2016
41 pages — Published Sep 03, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page -- were ---,--- at the end of ---- - as the regulator has included these in its mobile market summary. Including WLL, there would have been ---,--- wireline accesses in service at the end of ----. ...Togo s wireline voice and broadband sectors are dominated by state-owned operator Togo Telecom. The sluggish growth and development in both sectors is largely attributable to the lack of competition in the overall wireline market as reflected by slow pace of network infrastructure development in underserved areas and uncompetitive voice and data tariffs, which a considerable proportion of consumers can ill afford. That said, the government has taken significant steps to spur the expansion of voice and data coverage in underserved areas, including a special tax on the existing operators to finance rural rollout projects. The government s commitment to increasing access to ICT services and the likelihood that new submarine cables will land in the country provide upsides to our five-year forecast. Widespread availability of wireless data services and declining data tariffs arising from cheaper international bandwidth will maintain the forward momentum.

...Data from the Regulatory Authority for Posts and Telecommunications (ARTP) show there were -.---mn mobile subscriptions in Togo at the end of ----. This represented a penetration rate of -- and a y-o-y increase of --.- . ...The stronger than expected growth rate in ---- allowed us to raise our expectations for the subsequent five- year period, through to the end of ----. Despite the relatively low penetration rate, we forecast modest market growth due to the persistently weak competitive landscape - state-owned Togo Cellular (Togocel) and Etisalat-backed Moov operate as a duopoly - as well as the potential high cost of expanding network coverage to rural areas where more than -- of the population lives. The government plans to license a third mobile network operator, making its initial pronouncement in June ---- that a new entrant would benefit consumer choice. ...Although our initial view was that, as the likeliest contenders had considerable experience in serving predominantly rural communities, a new player would make a significant impact in Togo. However, there is no timeframe for the completion of the tender process and commercial launch by the successful bidder.

...Latest data suggest that the mobile market ended ---- with a total of -.---mn subscribers, representing y-o-y growth of --.- . Togocel s key rival, Moov, was finally issued a -G license in early ---- after more than two years of bureaucratic red-tape. ...

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