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Thailand Tourism Report

Thailand Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Thailand Tourism Report
Published Oct 01, 2016
35 pages — Published Oct 01, 2016
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Thailand has long been one of the most popular tourism destinations in Asia. The country is renowned for beach tourism but has also developed various eco-attractions including extensive wildlife attractions in the north of Thailand. Bangkok is also an extremely popular city break destination and is frequently rated one of the best cities to visit in the world. As a well-established tourism destination, Thailand s international air connectivity is extensive and continues to improve as the government invests in a range of airport expansion projects which will help to sustain longer term growth. Political tension within the country has been high in recent years, but overall, there is strong support from the government. ...The strong growth rates in the tourism industry over the past several years, both in Thailand and across the Asian region in general, have led to heavy investment in hotels in Thailand, particularly in the higher end of the market. This additional capacity will help maintain growth in the market for the foreseeable future, and should further unrest dampen growth in arrivals, excessive capacity in the hotel and resort markets will lead to attractive deals that will prevent the arrivals figures from dropping too sharply.

...Hilton Hotels has reconfirmed its commitment to the Thai tourism industry, with plans to expand the Hilton Garden Inn brand to three properties in Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. It also has plans to open a Waldorf Astoria hotel in Bangkok. Marriott International is planning two new hotels (one of which is a rebranding) in the country this year, with two more to follow in ----. The ---- openings will be in Phuket and Hua Hin International air connectivity continues to expand: China Southern Airlines launched a new flight routes between Nanning and Chiang Mai in November ---- and Thomson plans to launch direct flights between Manchester in the UK and Phuket in late ----. Additionally, a new air route connecting Bangkok and Myanmar opened in early ----. ...---- is expected to be a solid year for tourism in Thailand, with arrivals growth of -.- . The total passenger figure should rise to over --mn by the end of the year, although recent terrorist attacks in the country have resulted in mainly downside risks.

...Apart from a - decline in ---- due to the country s military coup, Thailand has enjoyed double digit growth rates in inbound tourist arrivals since ----.The recent bombing attack on Bangkok in August ---- had only a short-term effect on arrivals which slightly decreased in the fourth quarter, but overall ---- recorded --.-mn arrivals, largely attributable to the significant increase in Chinese tourists. ...

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