Taiwan Power Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Taiwan Power Report 2016

Taiwan Power Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Taiwan Power Report 2016
Published Sep 24, 2016
50 pages — Published Sep 24, 2016
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Taiwan is in the process of substantially overhauling its power infrastructure. It has long been reliant on thermal and nuclear generation. For many years, governments saw expansion of nuclear capacity as the primary means of increasing generation, with the Lungmen plant being one key avenue of raising output. However, popular opposition to the nuclear option - which the Democratic Progressive Party, now in government, has fully taken on board - means that the partially complete Lungmen facility is now being mothballed and the existing nuclear plants are being decommissioned. This has led to tensions between the government and Taipower. ...We anticipate sluggish overall capacity growth ranging between -.- and -.- per annum over the period ---- to ----, which will take capacity from an estimated --,---MW in ---- to --,---MW in ----. Growth in capacity should pick up to -.- in ---- and range between -.- and -.- between ---- and ----, taking total capacity in ---- to --,---MW.

...BMI View: Taiwan s power market has grappled with significant political turmoil over the last year, which has implications for investment priorities and the future power mix. Despite USD-bn+ pledged (and largely invested) in a fourth nuclear plant - and a successful safety exercise for its first unit in July ---- - the entire project was mothballed that year. ...Partial nuclear dependence will decline across our ten year forecast period, although the new government s pledge to eliminate this form of power entirely looks too ambitious. While renewables will take up some of the slack, the fossil fuel dependent thermal sector appears set to be the main driver of overall generation and capacity growth, rising from an estimated -- of total generation in ---- to over -- by ----. GDP growth appears set to pick up sustainably from ----, after several weak years. ...It sits one place below Japan and one place above the Philippines. A heavy import dependence, the dominance of Taipower, anti-competitive pricing policies and an attendant lack of opportunities for private investors prevent Taiwan from challenging countries ranked higher up in the table.

...There have been setbacks to the upgrade of coal facilities over the last year, with the schedules for Linkou Unit -, Linkou Unit - and Talin Unit - all suffering delays between November ---- and early ----.Indefinite suspension of the Lungmen nuclear facility, despite a successful safety test (July ----). The government mothballed the project that year and the resounding election victory for a stridently anti- nuclear new administration in early ---- means that the project is highly unlikely to be revived, unless the country faces drastic shortages and/or there is a major shift in public opinion. ...

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