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Taiwan Autos Report

Taiwan Autos Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Taiwan Autos Report
Published Jul 02, 2016
33 pages — Published Jul 02, 2016
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Heavy Truck Sales Taiwan - Heavy truck sales, units ---- ---- ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f - -,--- -,--- -,--- f = BMI forecast. Source: TTVMA,BMI Ongoing political instability will impede the construction industry as infrastructure plans were put on hold until the new president was installed to parliament in May ----. ...Thus all infrastructure plans and government spending was put on hold unit then. As a result there will be a lag in the implementation of infrastructure plans which were in the pipeline just before the transition towards the newly elected Democratic Progressive Party began. Our Infrastructure team forecast the construction industry value to grow at -.- in ---- picking up in towards the end of our forecast period with a forecasted growth of -.- in ----. ...Light commercial vehicles are forecast to grow -.- in ---- and at an annual average of -.- over our --------- forecast period. The main drivers of growth in this segment will be the expansion in

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - sales growth for ---- will continue its contracting trend from ----. Consequently, we forecast passenger car sales to contract by -.- in ---- after contracting -.- in ----. Another factor supporting our outlook for slower passenger car sales growth is the slowdown in China which will hamper exports. A worsening demographic outlook will also impede passenger vehicle sales as Taiwan s aged (-- years and above) will account for more than -- of the population by ----, officially classifying it as an ageing population. This will have an adverse effect on consumption levels within the domestic economy. ...Although private consumption levels are forecast to remain a positive driver of passenger vehicle sales, the mentioned headwinds will act as a drag on sales and thus keep it well below its pre----- levels. Passenger vehicles are forecast to reach ---,--- units by ---- which is well below its pre-crisis levels of ---,--- units in ----.

...The slowdown in China, Taiwan s largest export partner, and a battling domestic economy will constrain total vehicle sales in ---- and over the rest of our five year forecast. We forecast total vehicle sales to contract -.- in ----. ...

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