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Sweden Business Forecast Report

Sweden Business Forecast Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Sweden Business Forecast Report
Published Dec 12, 2014
46 pages — Published Dec 12, 2014
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Indeed, one of our core long-term views is that Sweden will continue its broad agenda towards economic liberalisation, which will include tax reductions, proactive encouragement of foreign investment, privatisations and greater flexibility in the labour market. This process has been put into doubt by the election in ---- of a government headed by the Social Democratic Party, which has pledged to push back against the previous centre-right government s privatisation drive, raise taxes, and increase the scope of the welfare state. ...While we maintain that the party s momentum is unlikely to translate into a shift in mainstream politics, we do highlight risks to this view. For now, the major parties have demonstrated significant cohesion in cutting out the Sweden Democrats from major policy debates (and the governing Social Democratic Party says that they will never work with the Sweden Democrats), but should the party continue gaining support over coming local and general elections, this could change. We maintain, however, that the hard right in Sweden has a very low ceiling of support. ...Although public support for NATO membership is still a minority, we caution that any attempts by Sweden to join the alliance could severely strain relations with Russia, and potentially necessitate higher defence spending by the kingdom. -- Business Monitor International Ltd www political outlook

...With a long-term political risk score of --.- (out of ---), Sweden is among the most structurally stable countries in the world. Benefiting from an advanced level of institutional development, a long history of democratic governance and an established foreign policy based on neutrality, the country faces limited underlying risks to political stabil- ity over the long term. ...This ranks Sweden third in the world, after only Switzerland and Norway, and reflects our outlook for very low risk of a major policy change or structural shift in the system of government over the long term. The country scores highly across all major sub-components of our risk index � doing particularly well in characteristics of polity (--- out of ---), characteristics of society (--.- out of ---), with the scope of state and policy continuity sub-scores also elevated (both are --.- out of ---). Sweden also has a high short-term political risk score of --.- (out of ---), which is also among the highest globally. economic Liberalisation to continue over the Long term While Sweden is expected to remain an extremely stable coun- try, this is not to say the political environment will be stagnant.

...Source: BMI were to vote alongside the Alliance, as possibly implied by their intention to vote for the less damaging alternative among the proposed budgets, then the government would in theory be forced to govern under the opposition s budget. This situation would be untenable, and it is likely that the government would call a snap election, probably for early ----. ...

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