Sudan and South Sudan Oil and Gas Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Sudan and South Sudan Oil and Gas Report

Sudan and South Sudan Oil and Gas Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Sudan and South Sudan Oil and Gas Report
Published Oct 22, 2016
76 pages — Published Oct 22, 2016
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Exploration in both Sudan and South Sudan will remain heavily constrained. An uncertain political and security environment, combined with major capex claw backs across the industry, will see limited investment in new exploration across our forecast period. Oil production in both countries is set for long-term decline. A range of factors are at play here, including the lack of major discoveries to be brought online, rapid depletion rates at producing fields, widespread damage to infrastructure, faltering investment and a lack of wider foreign participation. Refined fuels production will fail to keep pace with the strong rise in consumption, triggering a mounting dependency on refined fuels imports in South Sudan and falling exports from Sudan. ...Export revenues are at risk of sustained decline, both in line with falling domestic crude output and a sharp drop in global oil prices. Increased competition in Sudan and South Sudan s key Asian export markets also threatens further downward price pressures, over the longer term.

...Oil exploration began in ---- - led by Italian company Agip - in the coastal waters of the Red Sea on the Sudanese continental shelf. Exploration gathered pace in the ----s and ----s as a number of major international oil companies (IOCs), including Shell, BP, Chevron and Total, took acreage offshore. ...The only significant discovery was made in ---- by Chevron, in the Suakin Basin. Onshore exploration began in ----, after Chevron was awarded a ---,---sq km concession across several states of south-central Sudan, including Western Kordofan and Western Upper Nile (Unity). Chevron carried out extensive geological and geophysical surveys and spud its first exploration well in ----. ...However, from ---- exploration in Sudan suffered major disruption following the outbreak of the second civil war. Political uncertainty and a sharp deterioration in the security environment saw the majority of companies, including Chevron, suspend operations.

...BMI View: Rising risk of a renewed civil conflict poses downside risk to our oil production forecast for South Sudan. While a renewed conflict is not our core view, we expect the political and security environment to remain highly fractured over the coming years, weighing on any recovery in output. ...

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