Sudan and South Sudan Food and Drink Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Sudan and South Sudan Food and Drink Report

Sudan and South Sudan Food and Drink Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Sudan and South Sudan Food and Drink Report
Published Sep 10, 2016
48 pages — Published Sep 10, 2016
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One of the brighter spots in the food industry outlook for Sudan and South Sudan is the countries demographic profiles. Both have very young populations, with about -- of citizens younger than --, and about -- younger than --. ...South Sudan is extremely underdeveloped; last year, President Salva Kiir went so far as to say that, despite coming out of decades of war, his country was so poor there was nothing worth rebuilding. The country has vast tracts of arable land as yet uncultivated and much of the population is unemployed or displaced due to the border conflicts with Sudan, as well as ethnic disputes within South Sudan s own borders. Since South Sudan devalued its currency in December ----, the price of food has gone way up due to the fact it is an imported good. ...Throughout the near term, however, the country is still reeling from this hyperinflation, which is still significantly eroding the purchasing power of ordinary households.

...A degree of stability has returned to the Sudanese economy after the upheaval following the secession of South Sudan in ----, which has conversely suffered in recent quarters. Sudan became an oil importer after South Sudan seceded, which has had a surprisingly positive impact on the economy since the world entered into a low oil price era. As an oil exporter, South Sudan is dealing with hyperinflation of basic food goods and the trajectories of both markets are on divergent paths. Tight fiscal and monetary policy in Sudan have both contributed to this stabilisation and helped ensure that the crippling inflationary pressures that followed the sharp currency devaluation in September ---- were not made worse. The lower oil prices have provided a tax break for consumers, resulting in an increase on food spending while inflation moderates. Even so, the strong forecasts we have for the food industry will still be largely fuelled by inflation and low base effects. Staple foods such as bread, rice, cereals and pasta are among the outperformers, as they will form the vast majority of spending from consumers.

...BMI View: Sudan s food and drink industry will experience modest growth throughout our forecast period on the back of a more favourable economic outlook; relatively low inflation and low fuel prices. On the other hand, South Sudan s food and drink industry will experience a deep contraction due to the continued erosion of consumer purchasing power. ...

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