Sudan and South Sudan Autos Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Sudan and South Sudan Autos Report

Sudan and South Sudan Autos Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Sudan and South Sudan Autos Report
Published Aug 06, 2016
31 pages — Published Aug 06, 2016
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One such project is the development of a ---km highway that will connect South Sudan s city of Juba to Eldoret in Kenya. The project is to be carried out by China-based Shandong Hi-Speed Construction Group. ...Ongoing investment by Nespresso into South Sudan s budding coffee industry will provide upside potential for CV sales. The potential to ramp up exports of coffee will be conducive to transport infrastructure expansion as links connecting the farming areas to the necessary export hubs are improved. In April ----, Foreign Assistance Programme, USAID, announced it would inject USD-.--mn over the next three years to help develop the coffee industry in South Sudan. Sudan and South Sudan have large potential to expand their agricultural industry due to a vast majority of the land being highly arable. However, the constant threat of conflict will continue to drag on the investor sentiment as well as government s ability to fund the necessary infrastructure expansion.

...We forecast new vehicle sales to grow -.- in ---- and at an annual average of -.- to ----. However, the autos market is not as strong as the growth rate suggests. ...This slow volume sales growth is driven by the consistent threat of civil unrest and political uncertainties that will continue to drag on GDP growth throughout our --------- forecast period. Although GDP in Sudan is forecast to grow -.- in ---- and at an annual average of -.- to ----, the increasing price of vehicles, due to the weak currency and high inflation, as well at the costs associated with owning a vehicle, will drag on vehicle sales. Continuous currency depreciation and an increase in the price of petrol in the South Sudanese economy will dampen consumer sentiment and limit vehicle sales. Furthermore, the weakening Sudanese pound has added to pricing pressures by making imports more expensive, and while there is some local vehicle assembly through Giad Automotive, this comes largely from imported kits. Inflation grew to --.- in ---- and --.- in ---- due to a weakening currency.

...Another threat to the new vehicle sales segment is the used car market. The used car market, as in many other Sub-Saharan African countries, is the main source of vehicle stock. ...

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