Spain Water Report Q4 2013 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Spain Water Report Q4 2013

Spain Water Report Q4 2013 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Spain Water Report Q4 2013
Published Aug 31, 2013
32 pages — Published Aug 31, 2013
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< ALACRA META ABSTRACT>BMI View: We believe the water sector in spain is in good shape though perhaps offers more advantages to heavy water using industries than those companies involved in infrastructure and water management. Overall, water supplies and sanitation in Spain are of a high quality and water tariffs are amongst the lowest across the E.U. However there is a great deal of disparity between regions with regards to water availability. ...Approximately -- of treated wastewater in Spain is being reused for Irrigation and Industry. Service provision is the responsibility of over -,--- municipalities in Spain which provide services either directly or via a public company (-- market share) or through concessions to a public/private company (-- ) or an entirely private enterprise (-- ). The largest Water provider in Spain is Aguas de Barcelona (AGBAR), which is a private company that provides Water to around -- million people. ...The average cost per cubic metre in the Balearics being -.-- Euros. This compares with the cheapest region, Lugo, where costs are as low as -.-- Euros per cubic metre.

...There is an effort in Spain to educate the population to make Citizens aware of the importance of paying the full costs for the water services. The AEAS study shows that the cost of a cup of coffee is equivalent to the price of over two days metres per year which provides no incentive to be economic with water below this levels. ...The cancellation of the Ebro river dams project has shifted the emphasis to more sustainable water extraction methods. The funding that has been forthcoming from the E.I.B has meant that investment in the water infrastructure has allowed critical projects to go ahead, and Acuamed has been kept afloat allowing them to continue with research and development for new technology. Our key forecasts are as follows: We forecast that total water extraction will amount to -,---mn cubed metres in ----. We calculate that in ----, ---mn cubed metres will come from underground water, and -,---mn cubed metres will come from surface water. Total consumption (municipal and industrial) will reach -,---mn cubed metres in ----.

...Enforcement of illegal groundwater extraction needs to be implemented, particularly where this is done for irrigation as this is a significant problem. ...Conflict can arise between autonomous areas and the Federal government over use of scarce resources. ...

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