South Africa Water Report Q3 2013 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

South Africa Water Report Q3 2013

South Africa Water Report Q3 2013 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
South Africa Water Report Q3 2013
Published Aug 10, 2013
40 pages — Published Aug 10, 2013
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< ALACRA META ABSTRACT>BMI View: South Africa s water industry looks strong with a large amount of projects in the pipeline. The country has a danger of long-term water scarcity, due to its rapidly growing urban population and increasing water consumption figures, coinciding with a decrease in water extraction. ...Furthermore, access to sanitation increased from -- in ---- to -- in ----. There have been a number of recent developments: Lesotho Highlands Phase-- project, due for completion in ----, for example, which will deliver an additional --.-m� of water per second to South Africa. The recently completed Komati Water System Augmentation Project (KSWAP) now supplies a further --mn m-s/year. ...cubic metres (mcm) in ----, down from --,---.-mcm in ----. Consumption is increasing steadily with -.- change year-on-year in ----, up from -,---.-mcm estimated in ----.

...BMI View: South Africa has a generally strong-looking water industry, with many large water projects in the pipeline, providing investment opportunities. Problems remain with regards to the maintenance of water projects, although there has been a recent push to educate about leakages in an attempt to raise efficiency and reduce water wastage. South Africa is a semi-arid, water-scarce country and its water sector varies greatly between its urban and rural areas. The government aims to meet water targets in the short and long term, and has many infrastructure projects and developments lined up in order to combat water scarcity and the large regional disparities. In ---- we saw sluggish growth within the wider South African construction sector, despite President Zuma s concentrated effort on infrastructure investment in recent years. ...Several major new water infrastructure projects are scheduled to be completed by ----, aiming to tackle the country s supply scarcity issue. With regards to these, although consumption will increase steadily over the next five years according to our forecasts, as pipelines are extended and household connections increase, overall water extraction will decline due to improving efficiency and an overall reduction in water losses and general leakages as more investment is poured into maintaining existing water infrastructure as well as expanding into new territory.

...Like many countries around the world, South Africa struggles with an aging water infrastructure that s struggling to keep up with rapidly increasing urban populations. Individual water tariffs vary widely across South Africa and there is a lack of formal economic regulation of water tariffs or regulator function across the sector formally at all. ...

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