Slovenia Freight Transport Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Slovenia Freight Transport Report 2016

Slovenia Freight Transport Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Slovenia Freight Transport Report 2016
Published Oct 31, 2015
54 pages — Published Oct 31, 2015
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BMI View: In ----, Slovenia s freight sector will witness strong growth across the board as the improved economic outlook for the eurozone will stimulate demand for Slovenian exports and improved domestic consumption will drive a recovery in imports. Air and road freight will post the strongest growth rates, at -.- and -.- respectively, as they will benefit directly from rising import levels. ...On the back of stronger than expected eurozone growth and the recovery in domestic consumption, we forecast Slovenia s imports and exports to grow by good -.- and -.- respectively over ----. These trends are forecast to continue over the medium term, with Slovenia benefitting particularly from the improved growth outlook in the eurozone, which will drive increases in Slovenian trade volumes, as all of Slovenia s key trading partners (Germany, Italy, Austria, Croatia, France) are located in the region. Domestic consumption is forecast to follow an upward trend through to ----, which will spur demand for imports, albeit imports will remain low from a historical perspective. ...The government has major projects in the pipeline to expand both road as well as rail networks over the long term; and as a result, we believe road will maintain its dominant share in the country s freight mix of around -- through to ----. In terms of growth rates, on the back of a growing domestic pharmaceuticals industry and rising consumer-driven import levels, Slovenia s air freight industry will be the outperformer in this regard, albeit from a very low base, in ---- - a trend which we believe will continue over the medium.

...The Slovenian government has postponed the shortlisting of a public private partnership (PPP) model for the EUR-.-bn Koper-Divaca rail link upgrade project to September ----, according to Minister of Infrastructure Peter Gaspersic. The move comes after the project failed to win approval for EU funds from the Connecting Europe Facility. ...A potential full-privatisation of Slovenian Railways seems to be off the table. In July ----, the National Assembly approved the Public Assets Management Strategy prepared by the government, which divides -- Slovenian firms into three categories: strategic interest, major investment, portfolio asset. The government will maintain majority control over the railways which is deemed to be of strategic interest. ...A public call for the expression of interest for a --.-- share in the airline was published in July ----. The countrt is looking for a swift sale in order for Adria to avoid liquidity issues, which arise at the airline each winter as business slows.

...A real threat is the possibility of transit freight diversion: Slovenia could be avoided entirely in favour of alternative routes and ports, if offered greater cost value and ease of use. � Slovenia s history of political interference may seriously endanger a successful completion of the privatisation processes in Slovenia, particularly in the realm of transport infrastructure. ...

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