Slovakia Mining Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Slovakia Mining Report 2016

Slovakia Mining Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Slovakia Mining Report 2016
Published Apr 09, 2016
62 pages — Published Apr 09, 2016
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BMI View: We forecast limited growth opportunities in Slovakia s mining sector as weakness in gold prices prevents the take-off of the gold sector. Coal will remain the mainstay of the country s mining industry over our forecast period to ----. ...We expect Slovakia s mining industry to undergo modest growth in value, reaching USD-.--bn in ----, from USD-.--bn in ----. Coal will remain the mainstay of the sector as gold mining fails to make significant gains as a result of weak global gold prices delaying project development as miners slash capital expenditure. Over the long term we maintain that gold mining holds promise. ...With the drilling programme completed, Global Minerals is expected to continue with permitting procedures, which it describes as being at an advanced stage. The company applied for an additional --- square kilometres (km-) of exploration licences on the back of the results and plans to conduct initial reconnaissance of new targets in late ----.

...� Business Monitor International Page -- is entirely generated by three state-owned companies - Baa Zahorie, Baa Dolina and HBP. The coal sub-segment is currently being restructured and rationalised. ...Although gold is not widely mined in the nation today, a few new exploration licences have been issued of late. Some have returned positive drilling results, which will encourage further investment within this sector.The main recent development to affect HBP was the Slovakian government s decision to open coal deposits and begin construction on the --th mining field in the Novaky mining area. In addition to proving the project, which is expected to contain extractable coal stocks of -.-mn metric tonnes, the government also approved the issuance of state aid for the initial investment in the project. ...Table: Slovakia - Coal Production Forecasts (million tonnes) ---- ---- ---- ----e ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f Coal (mnt) -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- change y-o- y --.- --.- --.- --.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- e/f = BMI estimate/forecast.

...Slovakia consumes almost all of its coal production as lignite coal accounts for the majority of output. Due to lignite s low grade, it is uneconomic to transport and thus is consumed domestically. ...

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