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Slovakia Country Risk Report

Slovakia Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Slovakia Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
53 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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Despite this, Smer is poised to remain dominant in the coming years. After years of fiscal consolidation Slovakia is no longer under the watch of the European Commission s Excessive Deficit Procedure, and the government is now actively seeking to revitalise its support base with expansive fiscal measures. ...This out- come would bode poorly for Slovakian-EU relations, which have already suffered on account of differences over Russia and immigration policy. long-term Political outlook Slow convergence With West remains core view BMi vieW We expect Slovakia to continue to converge with Western European policies and standards of living over the next ten years as the small economy has benefitted greatly from inclusion in the bloc. However, we stress that the country will face a number of challenges to political stability including corruption, relations with the eurozone, ethnic tensions and population decline. ...We expect corruption to remain a key - Business Monitor International Ltd political outlook compares Favourably to eurozone aggregate long-Term Political Risk Index Breakdown Source: BMI -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---

...Eurozone Aggregate concern for doing business in the country over the coming decade. Relations with the eurozone will also remain a threat to long-term political stability. ...Ethnic Hungarians and Roma constitute the largest minorities in the country, accounting for approximately -.- and -.- of the total population, respectively. The treatment of ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia and Hungary s oftentimes con- tentious policies towards ethnic Hungarians outside its borders (the government passed a law allowing ethnic Hungarians living abroad to apply for dual citizenship) means that relations between the neighbouring countries could deteriorate going forward. The so-called Roma issue persists as a key complaint by international rights organisations against Slovakia. ...Despite highlighting the potential for ethnic tensions to undermine politi- cal stability in the country, we stress that Slovak society remains largely homogenous with --.- of the population considering themselves ethnically Slovak .

...Position BMi vieW The ruling centre-left Smer party remains the dominant force in Slova- kianian politics, but its popularity is past its peak and it looks unlikely to achieve another absolute majority in the ---- general election. Unless one or more centre-right parties is willing to join Smer in government, the Slovakian Nationalist Party would be the most likely coalition partner, with negative implications for EU relations and economic policy. ...

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