Saudi Arabia Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Saudi Arabia Freight Transport and Shipping Report

Saudi Arabia Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Saudi Arabia Freight Transport and Shipping Report
Published Jul 09, 2016
51 pages — Published Jul 09, 2016
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Our growth forecasts for volumes carried on Saudi Arabia s different freight modes in ---- and ---- - namely air, road and rail - are somewhat mixed. For road haulage volumes, where the sector is already well- developed and serves almost exclusively the domestic market, we expect slow growth, reflecting the muted outlook for the Saudi Arabian economy as a whole. ...Industrial projects currently in the pipeline will help to diversify Saudi Arabia s export base. However, we retain our view that crude oil exports - still by far the most significant Saudi product - will see only limited increases over the rest of the decade, with most of the country s production gains directed towards domestic consumption. Import growth will be slower than in the past decade, as a less expansionary fiscal policy stance reduces the demand for imported goods. ...While nominal trade will return to growth in ----, the oil price collapse will see growth in Saudi Arabia slow sharply over the next couple of years as the government embarks on fiscal consolidation and oil production flattens. This, combined with statistical effects linked to the rebasing of the national accounts,

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - has led us to revise our forecasts downward. We now project GDP growth of just -.- in ---- and -.- in ----. The public sector wage bill is likely to be capped, although most of the country s large-scale welfare and subsidy network will remain intact. King Salman strengthened his control on the country s administrative apparatus, taking steps to tighten scrutiny on public infrastructure projects and ordering government bodies to return unspent money to the finance ministry and suspend new hiring and promotions for government jobs until the end of ----. This will weigh on both consumer spending and the transport of containerised goods, and on the transportation of bulk volumes and project cargos relating to infrastructure projects. ...For imports, the US is the largest trade partner, accounting for --.- of the total, followed by China (--.- ), India (-.- ), Germany (-.- ) and Korea (-.- ). Table: Trade Overview (Saudi Arabia ---------) ---- ---- ----e ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f Imports, real growth, y-o-y -.-- --.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- Exports, real growth, y-o-y -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.-- -.--

...With lower oil prices proving to be a very large obstacle for the Saudi Arabian government at present, it was hoped that the lifting of an export ban on cement would provide some relief, however, the executive director of Equity Research at Arqaam Capital, Mohammed Kamul, has said the result would be limited . Many infrastructure projects have been shelved of late, which led to the lifting of the ban. ...

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