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Qatar Tourism Report

Qatar Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Qatar Tourism Report
Published Aug 20, 2016
30 pages — Published Aug 20, 2016
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Underlining the Qatari authorities commitment to boosting tourism flows over the long term, ---- saw the launch of Qatar National Tourism Strategy ----. As part of its national tourism strategy, Qatar wants to boost the number of international, non-regional tourists travelling to the emirate and promote sustainable tourism, as well as growing business and medical travel. ...Qatar is still currently a business destination, but there are strides being made to strengthen the cultural and leisure aspects of the industry. The hosting of international sporting events will help put the country in the world s eye as a tourist destination which will also lead to a diversification in the hotel market as companies look beyond the high-end hotel market in anticipation of a wider source market. Additionally, the government has continued to improve air links into the country to encourage travel. ...Additionally, the government has continued to improve air links into the country to encourage travel.

...The Qatari government is highly supportive of the tourism industry and has undertaken a number of initiatives to stimulate growth in the sector. In January ---- the Qatar Tourism Authority launched QBIC Tourism - a programme focused on supporting tourism start-ups by providing research and development tools, including a ten week entrepreneurial program, LeanStartup. Qatar continues to develop air travel connections. Qatar Airways has announced it will increase daily flights between Muscat and Doha from - August ----, following the addition of H- ---- of flights to Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Ras al Khaimah, Sydney, Adelaide and Birmingham. Further new flight routes are planned, including to Pisa, Windhoek, Helsinki, Krabi, Chiang Mai and the Seychelles. � Overall, we expect international tourism arrivals to increase from -.-mn in ---- to just under -mn in ----. There is some potential upside risk to these forecasts, as Qatar is hosting several major sporting events (the FIFA World Cup in ---- and ---- World Aquatics Championships) which will raise the profile of Qatar as a holiday destination over the coming years and see widespread investment in supporting infrastructure.

...< ALACRA META ABSTRACT>BMI View: Tourism is a key growth area for the Qatari government and the country is seeing extensive investment in transport and accommodation infrastructure, both as a run up to hosting the ---- Fifa World Cup and as part of the wider tourism growth strategy. We expect to see continued growth in international arrivals over the course of our current forecast period through to ----, though Qatar s tourism market will continue to lag behind that of other destinations in the region, including the leading United Arab Emirates. ...

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