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Qatar Telecommunications Report

Qatar Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Qatar Telecommunications Report
Published Aug 30, 2016
58 pages — Published Aug 30, 2016
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Incumbent Ooredoo is becoming more adept at selling converged services to its subscribers, as well as standalone mobile broadband services. The company also rolled-out -G LTE services in ---- and we believe Ooredoo will be a solid contributor to market expansion over the next four years. ...Despite this, Qatar s second operator is doing well by addressing the low-value needs of tourists, foreign workers and Qatari youths. The alternative operator now has more than a one-third market share and started pursuing the higher value enterprise services market, with the launch of an M-M platform integrated with its parent company s Vodafone Global Enterprise in Q--- and commercial -G network services in Q---. Nevertheless, Vodafone s fiscal health continues to remain a concern as the company has been unable to turn a quarterly profit despite desperate attempts to optimize its business processes. ...We do highlight the risk that devices such as tablets, with a lower ARPU, might dilute the overall figure should uptake continue to increase. Vodafone could also use price competition to attract users onto its network.

...There were ---,--- wireline voice connections in service in Qatar at the end of ----. We believe that the wireline voice user base will grow modestly over the forecast period despite the threat of mobile and IP substitution. ...Ooredoo is reporting a declining fixed line ARPU, slipping from QAR--- at the end of ---- to QAR--.- in Q---. The general downward trend will continue over the course of our forecast period and beyond as fixed lines fall victim to mobile substitution effects. Our broadband forecast includes estimates for fixed and mobile data subscriptions. Our mobile broadband data includes mobile data subscriptions through dedicated mobile broadband modems and data cards. We expect mobile data to be a key growth driver for Qatar s broadband market in the future, despite

...Qatar s mobile subscriber base expanded by -.- in ----. This was down only slightly from the growth of --.- recorded in ----. ...

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