Qatar Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Qatar Real Estate Report 2016

Qatar Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Qatar Real Estate Report 2016
Published Apr 09, 2016
73 pages — Published Apr 09, 2016
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BMI View: Buoyed by a strong economy, the outlook for Qatar s real estate sector is bright. The prospects for the retail sector in particular are positive, with rising incomes, affluence and spending supporting retailer demand for new space. ...The real estate sector will be a beneficiary of this growth. The ongoing infrastructure developments in preparation for the World Cup and the vision ---- project should result in growth in the commercial real estate sector especially in Doha and we believe this will provide a positive backdrop for the office sector in the medium to long term, resulting in higher occupier demand. Significant construction is taking place, which will improve the quality of space on the market and could result in new benchmark rents being established. ...The industrial real estate market in Qatar currently lags the other two sectors and is dominated by owner- occupation rather than leasehold. We believe that prospects for the sector are positive in light of significant

...Relative safety and stability, strong rule of law, robust economic growth and new business opportunities make Qatar an attractive destination for occupiers and investors wishing to establish themselves in the MENA Region. The limited burden of red tape is a key inducement for foreign businesses, as less time and cost is incurred by completing administrative procedures. A favourable rate of labour tax and no personal income tax or VAT, means that costs to businesses with regard to taxation are reduced. Investment in transport infrastructure projects will improve accessibility and open up Qatar to higher levels of trade, which should provide opportunity for logistics companies. A booming construction sector and large-scale development projects provide developers with opportunities in the residential and commercial property markets. ...The country s growing financial hub in Doha is a catalyst in attracting firms from around the world. The rapid growth of financial and trade ties between Qatar and China will help the office and industrial real estate sectors.

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - transport infrastructure improvements that are happening to boost the rail, road, air and port capacity. The external sector is expected to recover from its weak position this year and with trade and freight both increasing over the medium term, we believe the need for warehouse facilities in proximity to transport hubs will grow. ...

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