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Portugal Renewables Report

Portugal Renewables Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Portugal Renewables Report
Published Aug 06, 2016
40 pages — Published Aug 06, 2016
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During ----, Portugal s total generation from non-hydropower renewables is expected to be --.--TWh, which represents almost -- of total electricity generation, about par with ---- levels. Non-hydropower renewables share of total generation is forecast by BMI to increase to --.- of total output by ----, reaching --.--TWh, generated from -.--GW worth of units. ...Portugal s non-hydro renewables sector has outperformed those of its neighbours during the past decade. Blessed with strong wind and solar potential, plus the opportunity to generate power from other renewable sources such as geothermal, biomass and marine, during Q- ----, Portugal achieved -- renewable generation for the first three months of the year, according to grid regulator Redes Energeticas Nacionais (REN). On December --, ----, Portugal s non-hydro renewables sector was able to produce ---.- GWh when wind generation hit a new record. ...GDF was expected to pay down its debt burden of EUR---mn by end----- and will continue to operate the assets. Also Italy s Enel decided to sell all its renewable assets in Portugal in late ---- in order to focus

...In terms of generation, wind power is Portugal s dominant non-hydropower renewable technology. BMI s research suggests that in ----, power output from Portugal s wind farms will reach --.--TWh, a -.- increase on ---- s --.--TWh. ...As a share of Portugal s non-hydropower renewables output, wind power will account for --.- in ----, decreasing to less than -- in ----, losing ground to other renewable sources, primarily solar. Investment in wind power in Portugal had increased rapidly during the past -- years largely because of ambitious government targets for wind and implementation of a largely successful enabling environment for wind developers to invest. In ----, the Portuguese government set a wind target of between -,--- and -,---MW by ----, a figure which it successfully met. Following this, the government adopted a new target of -GW by ----. However, according to BMI, Portugal is set to miss this target by more than -.-GW.

...The recent Brexit vote s potential negative effect on growth could lead to further uncertainties on the Portuguese non-hydro renewable investment market and consequent downward revisions of our forecasts. Lasting political uncertainties as well as ongoing economic competitiveness issues reaffirmed our previous downward revision of all renewable sub-sectors growth rates for our ten-year forecast, as delayed structural reforms continue to undermine Portugal s economic shift away from private consumption-dependence towards a production, investment and export-oriented economy. ...

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