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Poland Country Risk Report

Poland Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Poland Country Risk Report
Published May 26, 2015
49 pages — Published May 26, 2015
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...Source: BMI because of the legacy of Soviet dominance. Nevertheless, our core scenario envisages Russia-Poland relations becoming more pragmatic as increased political maturity in Poland translates into more consistent foreign policy procedures and pronouncements; this should reduce the likelihood of major diplomatic ructions. However, considering we believe the Poland-US relationship will remain well established over the long term, increased political and military integration with the US could strain ten- sions with Russia. ...We assign scores for likelihood out of --, with -- being highly likely and - being highly unlikely.

...Source: BMI assumes greater responsibility at the regional and international level and the domestic political environment continues to mature. Our core scenario envisages Poland emerging as a solid middle power of Europe. ...In addition to significant foreign policy questions, the country will face challenges at home. While economic growth remains far from negative territory and has imbued Poland with a sense of optimism and confidence after the country was among the few to avoid recession in ----, the future will not be without policy choices and challenges, not least of which is related to the unwinding of massive fiscal stimulus initiated between ---- and ----. Finally, we highlight that a possible clash between an older, conservative generation and younger, more liberal voters could be on the cards in the years ahead. ...While Poland clearly represents the junior partner in the relationship, the US s strategic interests in a Central European presence, and Polish aspirations towards an existential security guarantee as well as regional power and influence, mean that the basic underpinnings of the relationship are likely to remain in place through the next decade. Russia-Poland Relations: In stark contrast to the warm rela- tionship enjoyed with the US, Poland s relationship with Rus- sia is likely to remain less than rosy over our forecast period.

...Source: BMI What if duda Wins the runoff on May --? Although the Polish presidency is generally regarded as a ceremonial role, the position does retain some powers, most notably the right to veto which can only be overturned by a -- majority in the lower house of parliament. ...However, Duda s victory could provide Law and Justice party with the tailwind they need to seize a majority in the upcoming parliamentary election. Recent polling indicates the ruling Civic Platform party is maintaining a relatively stable lead of ---- percentage points above Law and Justice, but there are is a large body of undecided voters that could be sufficient to swing the election in the favour of either party. Given how close the race will be, we would not be surprised to see higher government spending across ----/---- as fiscal incentives will be offered out by both parties. ...

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