Peru Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Peru Water Report 2015

Peru Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Peru Water Report 2015
Published May 16, 2015
53 pages — Published May 16, 2015
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BMI View: The water sector has improved dramatically over the past few years. This has largely been due to increased investment by the state and the main water companies, better connections reducing wastewater dumping, increasing revenues, better water metering systems and progressive regulatory developments. ...Major investment is needed to bring the sector up to speed and it appears that this may just be starting with the government s pledge to spend USD-bn over the next three years in a bid to connect a further -mn people to mains water. In our view the news that the government of Peru is scheduled to submit a bill for approval to Congress by the end of April ----, under which local and regional governments will be required to invest at least -- of their budgets in water and wastewater projects, is extremely positive and a sign of the strong government support for the improvement of the sector. We view the bill, which is part of an infrastructure stimulus package that will be announced by May -, as offering significant long term opportunities to both the services and the infrastructure companies. ...However, poor security, endemic corruption and severe delays continue to pose downside risks to our forecasts. Due to insufficient institutional capacity and opposition from local communities and environmental groups,

...Training and capacity building throughout the water management agencies. � Rich hydrological resources boost water availability for industrial consumers, particularly mining companies. ...A serious late payment and default problem and poor bill collection practices overall. Overstaffing, under-qualification and high turnover within water sector organisations, along with periodic strike action. Insufficient coverage of water and sewerage services, particularly in more remote rural areas (less than -- coverage). ...Insufficient coverage of water and sewerage services, particularly in more remote rural areas (less than -- coverage). Poor and limited treatment of waste water, not only increasing pollution but also wasting a valuable water resource.

...Peru s housing, construction and sanitation ministry (MVCS) has launched three potable water improvement projects worth PEN--.-mn (USD-.-mn) in Jayllihuaya, Puno Province, Peru. The public- private partnership (PPP) projects were executed by EMSAPUNO. ...

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