New Zealand Business Forecast Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

New Zealand Business Forecast Report

New Zealand Business Forecast Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
New Zealand Business Forecast Report
Published Dec 12, 2014
48 pages — Published Dec 12, 2014
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Party opposes the sale of land to foreigners and asserts Maori claims to New Zealand s foreshore and seabed, which officially belong to the British Crown, while Maoris have been pushing for elected representation on Auckland s super city council�a demand that the government has rejected. In May ----, they mounted a legal challenge against the National Party s plan to partially privatise certain state-owned companies. ...Given their rising proportion in New Zealand society, government-Maori relations could increase in importance over the coming decade and beyond. Security Challenges: Although New Zealand has a long tradition of participating in foreign wars (including a small deployment in Afghanistan), its geographic remoteness from the world s main trouble spots has given the country s politi- cal establishment a strong sense of security, especially with Australia bearing the brunt of instability in the South Pacific through military intervention or by receiving refugees. The two countries effectively operate a unified defence capabil- ity. ...However, these plans are likely to be off the table as long as economic growth in Australia remains tepid. -- Business Monitor International Ltd www political outlook

...Average Score Of Developed Countries In Asia long-term prosperity, but an August ---- opinion poll showed -- of voters want tougher regulations on foreign investment, with only - favouring looser rules. In particular, New Zealand- ers oppose moves to allow foreign firms ownership of its crucial dairy sector, which generates - of GDP. ...Of greater interest are emigra- tion and immigration patterns. Since the late ----s, the number of New Zealanders moving abroad permanently (defined as -- months or more) has generally fluctuated between --,--- and --,--- annually, but has exceeded the number of New Zealand- ers returning home (around --,--- annually) for at least -- years. Australia remains the top destination for New Zealanders moving abroad, presumably because of its perceived greater economic and social opportunities. ...This suggests that Maoris will increase as a proportion of the national total over the coming years. The main problem for Maoris is their economi- cally and socially disadvantaged status in society, manifest in persistently high levels of incarceration, according to the UN s special rapporteur on indigenous rights, James Anaya, following his visit to New Zealand in July ----.

...Domestic - south Korea Fta a Boon to Business The free trade agreement between New Zealand and South Korea is set to be ratified by Q---, subject to parliamentary approval, and will provide significant benefits to New Zealand s meat and dairy exports. Additionally, recued import tariffs on consumer gods should support real incomes, helping to offset the impact of weakening terms of trade and a depreciating currency. ...

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