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Netherlands Oil and Gas Report

Netherlands Oil and Gas Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Netherlands Oil and Gas Report
Published Jul 09, 2016
82 pages — Published Jul 09, 2016
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Given the mature status of the Netherlands key Groningen field and many of its offshore fields, we expect gas reserves will steadily decline throughout our forecast period. ...When added to maturing production from other onshore and offshore fields, Dutch gas production will be significantly reduced over our forecast period. With gas production cuts at Groningen and continued high domestic demand for gas, the Netherlands net export capacity has fallen significantly over --------- and is expected to continue on a decline within the forecast period. The Netherlands is a small oil producer and the overall trend from its mature fields remains one of decline. ...The Dutch refining sector will continue to produce more than -mn b/d of refined products over our forecast period. Refining capacity expansions are unlikely, given the refining overcapacity situation in

...Our oil and gas reserves outlook remains unchanged this quarter. Total has relinquished exploration licence F-- after drilling a dry exploration well in ----. ...In March ----, the Dutch House of Representatives adopted a motion to prolong the current moratorium by another three years, until ----. The requests for prolongation of the exploration licences Noord-Brabant, Noordoostpolder and Peel on the Netherlands Territory have therefore not been granted and these licences have now expired. Slight upside risk comes from government consultation with the industry to investigate measures to improve the production outlook in the North Sea. ...Adjusting fiscal policy will be crucial to attracting investment from a tightening pool of capital, and supporting production over the longer term. However, at the time of writing (June ----), there is no further information on the status or results of the consultation.

...In the Netherlands, there are more than --- discovered gas fields, of which about --- are developed. The Groningen gas field is by far the largest of the fields, and all other fields are called small fields . According to the Netherlands Oil & Gas portal, remaining proven reserves in the Dutch gas field in ---- stood at about -.--tcm of gas. Of these, about ---bcm are in the Groningen gas field, and the rest in all other small fields both onshore and offshore the Netherlands (about --- small fields ). The Groningen field was discovered in ----, and remains to date the largest gas field in Europe: with original volumes of gas in place of about -.-tcm of gas. ...

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