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Namibia Country Risk Report

Namibia Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Namibia Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
45 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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...It will initiate proposals to accelerate the land reform agenda. ...The other scores have remained unchanged since the general election in ----. Long-term Political outlook stability Likely to Prevail over the coming Decade bmi VieW While Namibia s enormous income inequality poses some risks to po- litical stability, we believe the population is likely to continue supporting the SWAPO government for the next -- years, ensuring broad political stability and continuity. Namibia has one of BMI s highest long-term political risk scores in Sub-Saharan Africa, and this succinctly sums up our view of the likely political trajectory the country will take over the next decade. ...

...A good illustration of the chasm between the rich and poor is the ratio of the richest -- of the population to the poorest -- . In the USA, the richest -- earns -- times as much as the poorest -- . tensions appear to be contained Nonetheless, these problems are hardly new, and the percent- age of Namibians who describe their living conditions as either fairly good or very good has only slipped from -- in ---- to -- in ----, according to Afrobarometer surveys. Mean- while, even though Afrobarometer s ---- poll found that -- of the population agreed with the statement the government s economic policies have hurt most people and only benefited a few , these resentments have not manifested in any erosion of support for the party in the polling booths or a rise in unrest. The government s own response to the inequality problem has been to aggressively push education, and it now devotes -- of public expenditure to education, which is higher than the levels spent in South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and Cape Verde (and equal to Botswana). ...political outlook inequality: Worst in the World ratio Of Income Of richest -- to Poorest -- Source: UNDP

...We also highlight the risks to stability that stem from subdued demand for diamonds and its impact on employment in the min- ing sector. Depressed demand for diamonds � Namibia s key export commodity and employment sector � is deterring inves- tors from expanding operations, and if demand falls lower, this could force companies to downsize. ...Such a task would be easy for SWAPO to complete, as a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly is all that is required for unilateral changes to the constitution. Nonetheless, we are not particularly concerned about this, as the country already has a track record of adhering to constitutional limits, with former presidents Hifikepunye Pohamba and Sam Nujoma respecting the constitution s requirement to step down in ---- and ---- respectively (although admittedly, in the lat- ter case this followed a change to the constitution that allowed him to hold the office of president for three terms, since he was not directly elected for his first term when the country was still transitioning to independence and drafting a constitution). By a range of measures, the populace has fewer reasons than the typical Sub-Saharan African country for dissatisfaction with the government. ...

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