Morocco Mining Report Q1 2013 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Morocco Mining Report Q1 2013

Morocco Mining Report Q1 2013 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Morocco Mining Report Q1 2013
Published Jan 04, 2013
56 pages — Published Jan 04, 2013
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Whilst we are below consensus on metal prices, expect China s slowdown to continue and see projects being delayed, several bright spots remain in the global mining sector. Most notably, we expect rapid growth in the mining sectors of Sierra Leone, Philippines, Mexico, Colombia, Mozambique, Myanmar and DR Congo. ...Furthermore, whilst substantial risks remain, there has been an improvement in security and a general reduction in political risk. That said, we highlight Sierra Leone, Mexico and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as countries where greater resource nationalisation could be on the cards. Mining taxes are relatively low in these countries, but we forecast that strong growth in mining output will make the sector a significant component of GDP. The mining sector could therefore become a target for governments to increase taxes and benefit from their mineral reserves and elevated commodity prices. Despite this, we still expect rapid growth in their mining sectors as the mineral wealth will outweigh higher taxes.

...The vast majority of capacity additions in the coming years will be coming from Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Ma aden in Saudi Arabia began DAP production in ---- and will reach the steady-state production rate of -mnt DAP by ----. As mentioned in the previous section, OCP will also be adding significant new capacity to the market between ---- and ----. As producers from Saudi Arabia and Morocco generally sit on the left side of the cost curve, some high-cost capacity (typically Chinese producers) who do not have access to lower-cost rock, may be displaced. Bucking the trend in mined minerals and metals, the fertilizer market was strong in ---- as food and agriculture remain key needs in the global economy. ...We do not expect this market tightness to continue though as additional supply from Saudi Arabia and Morocco ramp up to full capacity. Global phosphoric acid production is expected to reach --mnt by ----.

...Strengths Proximity to the more developed markets of Europe makes the economy an attractive destination for outsourcing. Weaknesses Morocco continues to score poorly on indicators of corruption. ...

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