Morocco Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Morocco Country Risk Report

Morocco Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Morocco Country Risk Report
Published May 26, 2015
41 pages — Published May 26, 2015
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Source: BMI incomplete constitutional framework Weakens score long-Term Political Risk Scores (- to ---) Source: BMI and persistently high unemployment rates mean that the risks becompletelyruledout. Our long-term political risk score for Morocco stands at in characteristics of policy with --.-, weighed down by an -- threats to Political stability -. Authoritarianism: Although the level of public support for opposition groups in Morocco appears limited, the likelihood that it could grow in the coming years certainly exists, especially if job opportunities and economic prospects do not improve, and if the public grows increasingly frustrated with what is effectivelyone-partyrule. ...will no longer be able to appoint any elected member of parlia- ment as prime minister but will instead be forced to select from Additionally, he will no longer be entitled to chair all cabinet meetings but only those at which issues of national security areatstake. In spite of these and several other minor reforms, the concentra- The executive, legislative and judicial branches are all ultimately regime s authoritarianism is the judiciary s subservience to the monarchy; the Higher Council of the Judiciary is led and confirmed by denouncements by national and international non -. Corruption: DespiteexpectationsthatMohammedVIwould so far disappointed, with Morocco s ranking in Transparency International s Corruption Perceptions Index having dropped ventures, combined with his political dominance, are among the factors underpinning this negative trend and were a major -. Underdeveloped Institutions: The consent of the king is more, since legislation is unable to be passed without convening a formal council of ministers, which is attended by the king when issues of national security are at stake, many laws suffer delays slowly build the grounds for better and more effective govern- Justice and Development Party (PJD), are advancing an agenda of constitutional reform aimed at strengthening democratic institutions. The first parliamentary elections under the new constitution passed off peacefully, with the PJD winning a plurality of seats and successfully withstanding the exit of one ofitscoalitionpartnersinJuly----. ...increasingly More Liberal authoritarianism Our best-case and core scenario is for limited change to the cur- rent regime, with Morocco maintaining a parliamentary consti- the continuation of the trend that has been unfolding over the -- Business Monitor International Ltd

...As the eruption in anti-government demonstrations in ---- made clear, antipathy towards the reign of Mohammed VI is strong amongst certain segments of the population. Were the economic environment to worsen markedly and the pace of political liberalisation to remain placid, popular opposition could become increasingly directed towards the monarchy itself. ...The decades-long dispute surrounding the Western Sahara terri- tory remains Morocco s main foreign policy challenge, and has a range of negative effects on the country s diplomatic relations and broader economy. opportunities Recent overtures to Algeria that have sought to resolve the underly- ing issues that resulted in the closure of the land border between the two countries would strengthen Morocco s political risk profile should they bear fruit. threats As the terrorist attack in Marrakesh in April ---- highlighted, security risks for foreign visitors are not non-existent despite the government s ongoing efforts at diminishing the power of extremists. ...As long as memories of ---- s unrest continue to linger, the government will be reluctant to implement potentially unpopular policies, which could negatively impact Rabat s credit profile down the line. Chapter -: Political outlook s-t Political trend regional rank Global rank qatar --.- = - --

...core Views Despite not possessing hydrocarbon wealth, the economy will remain a relative outperformer in North Africa over the medium term. Investor interest in the country as an export-oriented manufacturing hub for the European market and increasingly to West Africa, coupled with a burgeoning tourism industry, will bode well for Morocco s underlying growth momentum in the next few years. ...

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