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Mexico Tourism Report

55 pages — Published Jan 03, 2015
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Mexico s tourist industry is heavily dependent on visitors from the US but is looking to diversify away from this and invest in long-term infrastructure improvements to boost its attractiveness. We are forecasting arrivals growth of -.- in ----, rising to -.- in ----. ...Its main attractions include excellent beaches, good surfing conditions, Caribbean waters and a rich cultural heritage. The Caribbean beach resort city of Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo has historically been very popular, while other states on the Pacific coast, including Sonora and Nayarit, are increasingly popular with visitors from Canada and the US. Mexico is also taking steps to boost eco-tourism, as it has the world s sixth largest range of biodiversity. Its main attractions include excellent beaches, good surfing conditions, Caribbean waters and a rich cultural heritage. ...The final aim will be to modernise ports and airports to improve passenger capacity and make them more attractive for visitors. Mexico has long been taking steps to stimulate tourism and attract private investors through the National Trust Fund for Tourism Development (Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo, also known as Fonatur).

...BMI expects tourist arrivals to grow steadily in ----, albeit slightly below ---- levels. This is due to falling arrivals from Europe, as well as a slow pickup in arrivals from the US. ...We believe that this reflects the growing wealth and middle class in Mexico and the increase in short-term cross-border tourism. Key forecasts for Mexico s tourism industry: BMI forecasts air passenger arrivals will grow strongly over the forecast period, to --.-mn passengers in ---- and then rising to --.-mn by ----. BMI is forecasting arrivals of --.-mn in ----, representing growth of -.- . ...This is likely to raise international concerns about Mexico s security situation. There were --- hotels in the Mexico and Caribbean hotel pipeline in September ----, according to Smith

...Sound economic policy under the administration of former president, Felipe Calderon, has continued under Enrique Pena Nieto s new government, supported by an independent central bank. This means Mexico is well placed to register sustainable growth. ...

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