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Mexico Telecommunications Report

Mexico Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Mexico Telecommunications Report
Published Aug 27, 2016
67 pages — Published Aug 27, 2016
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BMI View: We believe that increased investments in advanced data networks will lead to LTE being a key growth driver for the mobile market, as operators increasingly attempt to migrate subscribers onto higher ARPU post-paid plans. This is in the wake of moves by the new regulator aimed at injecting higher levels of competition in the wireless, wireline and pay-TV markets. ...In January ----, IFETEL formally awarded Telecomunicaciones de Mexico (Telecomm) a ---year concession to operate a nationwide wholesale telecommunications network. Telecomm will combine its own ageing long-distance backbone with more advanced assets from utilities such as Comision Federal de Electricidad and invest heavily to modernise and expand the pooled infrastructure over which third- party providers can deliver own-brand services to end users. In July ----, IFETEL approved the allotment of the -.-GHz band for mobile services. ...The regulator has previously stated that mobile operators can use the spectrum range for both FDD and TDD services. IFTEL will now focus on setting technical specifications for equipment in the frequency range and make a decision as to whether concessions will be auctioned on a regional or national basis.

...We have revised our forecasts for Mexico s mobile subscriber base, in order to take account of Q--- figures reported by the leading operators. Our revised figures show that Mexico had ---mn mobile subscriptions at the end of ----. This represented a --.- increase on the ---- figure. Relatively weak growth in the market as a whole partly reflected the new reporting that was introduced by AT&T in the aftermath of its separate acquisitions of Iusacell and Nextel. By contrast, Telefonica and incumbent America Movil both reported strong quarterly and y-o-y growth in mobile subscriptions in ----. ...AT&T joins Telefonica and America Movil in the mobile market, yielding three strong international players. Due to the investment needed to roll out infrastructure, we maintain our view that the main players will focus on trying to attract more profitable users onto their networks, as opposed to competing at the

...Mexico had ----mn mobile subscriptions at the end of ----, representing a mobile subscriber penetration rate of --.- . We now expect this to increase to almost -- by the end of ---- and more than -- by the end of our forecast in ----. ...

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