Mexico Food and Drink Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Mexico Food and Drink Report

Mexico Food and Drink Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Mexico Food and Drink Report
Published May 20, 2016
81 pages — Published May 20, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - will drive headline growth over a multi-year period. In addition, Mexican consumers will benefit from strong labour market dynamics, amid a booming manufacturing sector. Over the long term, Mexico will benefit from favourable demographic dynamics, as we expect the population to grow from ---.-mn in ---- to ---.-mn in ----. While the country will eventually have to face the ramifications of an ageing population, it is entering a demographic sweet spot where the country s dependency ratio (the proportion of children and retirees compared with the working age population) has fallen to a record low and will continue declining over the next decade. This is expected due to the sharp drop in Mexico s birth rate in recent decades, combined with fewer workers emigrating to the US. ...As illustrated in the chart below, we expect to see the greatest gains in the USD--,------,--- and USD--,------,--- income brackets. Between ---- and ----, the share of households with net income above USD--,--- will rise from --.- to --.- , with an additional -.-mn households entering the USD--,------,--- income bracket, mostly in Mexico City and its surroundings, as well as in other major agglomerations.

...We remain optimistic toward Mexico s long-term consumer outlook, although the rate of expansion will be tapered by a modest deceleration in consumer spending growth, impacted by monetary and fiscal tightening. We have revised down our private consumption forecasts as rising inflation eats into consumer spending, tempering the favourable labour market dynamics. An uptick in inflation early in the year will modestly temper household purchasing power as the pass- through effect of sharp peso depreciation begins to feed through more noticeably to headline price growth. While inflationary pressure was mitigated by the impact of telecommunications reforms in ----, we expect a more significant effect on headline prices this year, forecasting average inflation of -.- (after just -.- in ----). Coupled with the simultaneous impact of monetary tightening, weighing on consumers access to cheap credit, this will affect improvements in confidence and domestic demand. ...Nonetheless, we still hold a positive outlook for the Mexican consumer, as the country remains our favourite consumer market across Latin America. We continue to believe that Mexican household spending

...BMI View: Mexico remains our favourite consumer market in Latin America, despite headwinds to consumer spending in early ----. Improving consumer confidence and favourable demographic dynamics will fuel the development of the food and drink sector. ...

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