Malaysia Mining Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Malaysia Mining Report 2016

Malaysia Mining Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Malaysia Mining Report 2016
Published Jun 11, 2016
49 pages — Published Jun 11, 2016
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We forecast Malaysia s overall gold production to average annual growth of -.- during --------- to total --- thousand ounces (koz). While still high by most global comparisons, this represents a marked dip on recent growth levels, which are estimated to have averaged -.- a year during ---------. ...While we expect consolidation over the remainder of ----, tin prices will continue to recover beyond ---- as the global market posts sustained market deficits and inventories dwindle. The country s largest producer Malaysia Smelting Corporation s renewed focus on local operations means we expect Malaysia s overall tin output to remain largely unaffected by the current slump in global prices, especially as we forecast global prices to start to rebound from ----. Malaysia s refined tin output will face an average annual growth of -.- during ---------, which is a significant increase from the --.- growth from ---------. ...We expect Malaysia s bauxite mining sector to stagnate over our forecast period to ----, as it is facing growing environmental, land and labour issues and an impending relaxation of Indonesia s bauxite ore export ban in ----. Bauxite production will register an average annual growth rate of - over ---------, which is a significant fall from the --- recorded over ---------.

...Against this backdrop, we expect Malaysia s gold mining sector to remain largely consolidated, with low profitability discouraging new entrants to the market over our forecast period to ----. According to the Minerals and Geoscience Department, there are -- gold mines operating in Malaysia. ...According to the Minerals and Geoscience Department, there are -- gold mines operating in Malaysia. Major gold miners such as PSAB and Monument Mining will continue to dictate the future growth trajectory of the country s gold sector given that they already account for the bulk of domestic production. PSAB s Penjom project in central Malaysia is the country s largest gold mine, with an annual production capacity of approximately -- thousand ounces (koz). ...However, PSAB has secured USD---mn in loans from a syndication of local and foreign banks in ---- to support and boost mining production in Malaysia and Indonesia. The miner is seeking to boost annual output from Penjom to approximately --koz with the new investment, while extending the life of the mine which is expected to close in ----.

...Malaysia will continue to see growth in gold output volumes over the next few years. Larger miners, including the country s key players J Resources Asia Pacific (PSAB) and Monument Mining, will continue to increase output in order to compensate for lower prices, while looking to cut expenditure from other areas of their operations. ...

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