Latin America Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Latin America Telecommunications Report

Latin America Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Latin America Telecommunications Report
Published Sep 24, 2016
39 pages — Published Sep 24, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - strategic spectrum resources - for instance, the ---MHz and ----MHz bands - will drive voice subscription growth in Central American and Caribbean mobile markets. Of the larger developed markets, we forecast Brazil to continue accounting for the largest mobile user base, closing our forecast period in ---- with ---mn subscriptions. Despite that, growth in Brazil will be slower relative to Chile and Peru, which are the most attractive markets in the region as indicated by our industry Risk/Reward Index. There, subscription growth will be driven by competition deriving from low-cost players: Viettel-owned Bitel is aggressively growing its market share through intense price competition in Peru; in Chile, MVNO Virgin Mobile entered the market in Q--- with a prepaid-focused mass-market strategy. We see also Mexico as an outperformer with relatively impressive subscriber growth rates between ---- and ----. ...In the Dominican Republic, subscription growth will be driven by network investments aimed at expanding coverage into remote areas. In this regard, Orange set aside USD---mn for its --------- capital expenditure, of which network expansion to remote areas is a significant component.

...This, in conjunction with aggressive independent fibre roll-out by operators, will see broadband penetration rise in the region. ...Broadband players are replacing aged copper networks with IP-based platforms as well as independently rolling out fibre-to-the-X (FTTx). Furthermore, Brazil is heavily committed to the National Broadband Plan -.- introduced in ----, while the proposed adoption of a new authorisation licensing system would replace a number of onerous rollout obligations currently borne by operators. These developments will pose long-term upside risks to our forecasts. ...Under the first initiative, the number of municipalities with broadband access increased by --- between ---- and ----. The second initiative has the objective of increasing internet connections from -.-mn in ---- to --mn in ----.

...Tigo El Salvador launched zero-rated prepaid and postpaid packages on selected applications, while Digicel in the same period rolled out Free Basics in five Caribbean markets. We forecast Argentina, Mexico and Brazil to have the fastest growth in -G/-G subscriptions, relative to peers such as Colombia and Venezuela. ...Both factors will pose downside risks to our outlook for these markets. Staying with less-developed markets, we believe the relatively late introduction of -G/-G services will translate into faster growth in mobile data subscriptions, particularly in the short to medium term. However, such subscriptions will still account for a minuscule proportion of the overall mobile market. ...

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